Metallica’s Rock ‘N Roll Days On The Sunset Strip – Monologue by Actress Carla D’Errico Performing at Heavy Metal Stories

Metallica's Rock 'N Roll Days On The Sunset Strip by Carla D'Errico_filmcourage_monologue

Carla D’Errico performs a monologue at the Film Courage Night of Heavy Metal stories/Tribute to the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. More info here:






Carla D’Errico is an actress, writer, and artist. Metal is her muse and spirit. All her life she’s been the different kid. Being a girl metalhead on top of that made her stick out even more. In the beginning she was reluctant to show her metal side for fear of judgment. She was already being bullied for enough reasons. But as she grew up, she realized that if she didn’t stand up for herself, no one else would. And so she began to fight for herself and in turn found herself. And then she embraced her metal side and now wears it proudly. She has known deep darkness in her life but does not fear it. Instead, she feels called to reach others like herself. People need to know that they are not alone. It’s okay to be different, to be weird. It’s that uniqueness that sets you apart from everyone else. If you stick out, embrace it, and use it, because it means that you are meant for more. She has made it her mission to find ways to broadcast her message, whether in person, her acting, art, or writing. In fact, she has been working on a novel series for the past five years about a metal band and being the different kid.


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