Making Female Driven Movies To Empower Women by Kalpana Pandit of SULIGE SIKKIDAAGA

Making Female Driven Movies To Empower Women by Kalpana Pandit of SULIGE SIKKIDAAGA_filmcourage_bollywood_actress_india_filmmaking_women_in_film

Film Courage:  Your latest film is about women’s empowerment.  I know this is something you feel very strongly about….what is the name of the film and can you tell us what it’s about?

Kalpana Pandit:  Well, thank you. This is something I am really excited about.    My film is called  SULIGE SIKKIDAAGA and the tagline is ‘Be Fluid As Water.’   SULIGE SIKKIDAAGA means Caught in the Whirlpool.  It’s not an action film like you said, it’s a women’s empowerment film.  But the Caught in the Whirlpool means caught in the whirlpool of life…taking you down…swirling down toward destruction.  You know…how circumstances of life, especially for women in so many situations across the world just spiral them out of control or they don’t have control over so many things…and that always breaks my heart because me being a woman, I am all for humanity and human improvement, human potential and getting rid of human suffering but especially for women because…it has come to that.  It has come to the point where we really as women need to stand together for each other.  Every single woman needs to support every other woman across the planet.  Their education, their safety, their home situation, what happens within homes for women.  They don’t have a voice many times.  When they get that voice out, there is pandemonium.  Instead of support, there is pandemonium.  So I am all for woman empowerment and this film has got four components.  It is about a young woman in India.  I will not tell the story yet but I will give the components of it.  Because as I said the House of Pandit Productions, I want to have an awareness built into it, apart from the entertaining story.  So this one is also directed by Sandeep Milani in India….(hear more in this Youtube video with Kalpana Pandit.)





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Watch out the First Look of the Kannada/English film “Sulige Sikkidaaga; Be Fluid as Water….”

Produced by House of Pandit

Directed by Sandeep Malani







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