From Writer/Director of Short Films, I’M NOT MATT DAMON, GOING DOWN THERE and MINUTES…Comes Horror Film SCYTHE



A psychological slasher thriller WITHOUT all the slasher film cliches! by Jim Rothman.  Watch the campaign video featuring Jim here…..

SCYTHE is a psychological slasher/thriller in the same vein of the classic and modern horror films Halloween (1978), Saw (2004), and films from the iconic director Alfred Hitchcock.



There are just simply way too many bad slashers films out there. Slasher films follow too many horror film cliches. This is the reason why there are so many lists of THE MOST ANNOYING HORROR FILM CLICHES! Watch the campaign video here…..

These films not only put the audience in the driver’s seat of the storytelling experience with POV (point of view) shots and carefully placed suspense, but their stories brought to light a narrative that allows each set of characters to make their own individual arcs and reveal surprise twists.

The movement & feel of SCYTHE will alternate between using steady cam, very slow moving dolly shots & tight close-ups that mirror the directing style of Saw, but will also employ the use of handheld, POV techniques of Halloween to heighten the dramatic “real” feeling of the story we want to convey.

Through a combination of specific locations and a stylized use of lighting, filters & lenses, we want to show how the main characters are pulled into the bleak reality of their life experiences. They are now forced to make choice to create a new reality for each other, despite the extreme potential of either being positive or negative, of being an improvement or an absolute horror. Watch the campaign video here…..