An Actor’s Personal Problems Will Manifest In Their Work by Tyler Johnson and Pascal Payant of ON THE HORIZON Movie


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Film Courage:  Actually, the line I was going to use was not that line, it was, excuse my language here, fix your sh$t before you waste someone else’s time.  Which I loved (from the movie), that line.  But it can be applied to many things, not just a relationship and so that is where I was going with this….

Tyler Johnson:  That’s funny you say that, because it’s sort of my excuse on why I don’t date right now.  It’s not other people, it’s me fixing….since we’re now speaking in French…me fixing my own sh$t before I just on load on to someone else.  It does apply to relationships, you want to be able to give someone your all, you want to give them your time and attention, when you’re after a pursuit like this, your time and attention is hard to come by.

Film Courage:  Very true.  And that’s why I was saying, it is a lonely journey when you focus solely on something, whether it’s an entrepreneur or we’ve talked to people who were working in tech or different similar professions and it is a lonely thing because people end up falling away because you’re busy trying to do stuff and it’s not because maybe they’re mad at you but you just isolate yourself.

Pascal Payant:  The best example are the people that are always surrounded by people, they are so afraid to face themselves and that is what I think is the most gratifying.  That when you have that…you can totally get everything that is on your way and just break through them but as soon as you are afraid to face yourself, face your demons, there is no way you’re going to be able to make it in this business.  You are just going to be pushed left and right and be so scared and scream “Oh, I want to quit.  Where’s my Plan B.”

Film Courage:  And it can be applied to filmmaking, as well.  So fixing your…whatever…stuff before you….

Pascal:  Being focused.  That’s the main thing.

Tyler:  And it’s also, acting is sort of beautiful in the sense that any problems that you have in your personal life will manifest in your work.  And the weaknesses, the proclivities, all those things, they show up in the work.  And so the work becomes sort of the ground with which you address these things within yourself and so the take away is pretty remarkable if you’re really putting yourself into the work that you’re doing the amount that you can learn about the way that you approach problems or the way that you react in situations….I mean I know I was surprised over the course of the film, especially considering going back to the audition, vulnerability, I mean how easy it was for me at the end to just fly off the handle at the character Alyssa.  I mean it was cathartic in a way, but it also surprised me and it was something since then I’ve really gotten to know intimately that side of myself, a side that maybe I denied before I met Pascal and did this film.

Film Courage:  They say that therapists should also be in therapy, do you think that actors should be in therapy?  Because there are things that maybe you’re blind to…they say we have this shadow self that maybe we don’t see.

Pascal:  But I think acting or doing a film….for him, I think he was going through something when we did the film, a lot of things, but he brought that, and it worked.  And sometimes it didn’t  work and I had to refocus him a little bit, but when sometimes he was in this dark zone, he just fed from it and it worked.  So I think screw therapy, just act in a film or something like that.

Tyler:  I only laughed at the therapy line because I think that maybe actors shouldn’t be in therapy only because I feel like the greatest gift that you can give audiences in that vulnerable messy, chaotic, ugly side of yourself.

Pascal:  And you want to discover yourself takes after takes after takes and if you know all the answers right away, there is nothing left to be discovered.

Tyler:  I don’t even know if there is such as thing as a well-balanced actor.

Pascal:  And I don’t trust it….

Tyler:  Or artists, maybe in general.

Film Courage:  So if you’re one of these keep calm and carry on type people, then that’s not really going to translate?

Tyler:  I mean if it works, then God bless you.  I’m sure there are people who can prove me wrong on that and if so, caps off to you.  But I’d say for everybody else, let your freak flag fly.  (Pascal and Tyler laughing..)


Question:  Do you agree that an actor’s personal

problems manifest in their work?






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