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Film Courage:  Clive, you say you’re attracted to dangerous characters, how does Walt (of THE CONFIRMATION) fit into that?

Clive Owen:  Do I say that?

Film Courage: Well….I think your IMDB says it?

Clive Owen: (Laughs) No, I wouldn’t say I’m attracted to dangerous characters.  I’m attracted to characters that have conflicts, because for me, it’s always more interesting than a character that hasn’t got conflict and it’s more real.  So, a character that is grappling with something is always much more interesting to play because you’ve got more than one thing to play all the time and this film (THE CONFIRMATION) certainly falls into that bracket because he’s a father, estranged from his son who is trying to make a go of it, and trying to do the right thing and it’s very difficult in his circumstances and he’s got certain demons he’s dealing with.  So it certainly falls into the bracket of a character in conflict.

Film Courage:  Sure…..but he’s redeemable?

Clive Owen:  Yeah…. At the end of the day his (Walt in THE CONFIRMATION) intentions are true and good and he’s trying to make a go of it, but it’s not always easy.  One thing that is very sweet about this film is it’s about a group of characters living in a particular area and a lot of them have a very tough time and are struggling, but it’s very non-judgmental.  It’s not a film that looks down on these people.  It’s a film that you kind of have empathy and understand how hard it is for a lot of people.

Film Courage:  Sure.  I grew up with a single parent and could relate to a lot of the scenes in the film.  Jaeden for you, how did you prepare for your character, Anthony?  Did you go into what his life would be like, especially for some of the scenes like sitting in the truck outside the bar?

Jaeden Lieberher:  He (Anthony) is this good kid.  He doesn’t usually get into trouble until he’s with his Dad.  He’s very curious about the world and what his father is dealing with.  I had to do the same thing.  I had to think about the different things that was going on with my father and what would think about during a moment where he was in this truck all alone.  I had to think about what Anthony would be thinking.

Film Courage:  Jaeden, you are 13 now?

Jaeden Lieberher:  I am 13, yes.

Film Courage:  Ok…What would you recommend to another 13-year-old on getting into the (acting) business?

Jaeden Lieberher:  Well….of course, I couldn’t have gotten into “the business” if I didn’t know anybody and just having this interest in acting…. And if you don’t want to act, you don’t necessarily have to, but it’s something that you do, if you truly to do it.  So if you’re interested by acting and you’re interested in being someone else, then you should definitely pursue it.

Film Courage:  (To Jaeden) And you also want to direct one day?

Jaeden Lieberher:  I would like to direct one day.  That is why I’m so happy that I was able to work with Bob (Nelson) and everybody else.

Film Courage:  Did the two of you direct each other at any point?

Clive Owen:  Wouldn’t dream of it…..wouldn’t dream of it (laughs).




Clive Owen shines in this irresistible comedy as Walt, a down-on-his luck carpenter tasked with entertaining his eight-year-old son Anthony while Anthony’s mom (Maria Bello) and her new husband are away. But when Walt’s prized toolbox is stolen, a quiet father-and-son weekend turns into an adventure of a lifetime. Aided by an oddball drywall repairman (Patton Oswalt), Walt and Anthony go on a wildly funny search for the thieves—and find something they never imagined: a true family connection.


Run time: 90 minutes

Rating: PG-13

Director: Bob Nelson (Writer of NEBRASKA)

Cast: Clive Owen, Jaeden Lieberher, Maria Bello

Written By: Bob Nelson


THE CONFIRMATION in theaters March 18th, 2016
Saban Films

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