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Los Angeles, CA, February 16, 2016– Creating call sheets has always been an arduous process. Filling in PDF templates, having custom made email templates, looking for old call sheets. Easy Call Sheets helps you build call sheets to emails to your cast and crew, fast and easy.

“We run a commercial production company. So, making this came more out of necessity. We decided to work on making our own call sheet app. Then, once we started using it ourselves for our productions, we wanted to make it available for other people at one, small price.”

Every day, in Los Angeles alone, there are over 100 productions shot in LA. Before now, remembering what info went where and remembering what shoot info to include took time.
But a new web app has been released called Easy Call Sheets to help with the headaches filmmakers and producers have with the current way of making and sending call sheets.
Now, all the info you need to include is in one, easy, step-by-step area. Best of all, any addresses automatically get maps and street view photos attached to the email call sheet.
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