Loyola Marymount University Film Student Dillard Brown Makes Senior Thesis Short ‘Love Child’ About A Couple Traveling West on the Donner Pass in Search of Better Life for Unborn Child

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Donner Pass – The perilous trek west. As part of a wagon train from Ohio to California, a young couple is deceived by fellow caravan members and left to starve in a snowcapped mountain pass. Amanda and Eddie start their journey late in the season, and the winter of 1846 is proving to be one of the most unforgiving in history. The couple struggle to survive and protect the life of their unborn child; and despite overwhelming obstacles, they continue to fight for their dream of a better life. Unfortunately, the harsh climate and malnourishment leads to the unexpected stillbirth of their son. With the weight of winter on their shoulders and their dead child in their arms, Amanda and Eddie are ultimately forced to make a decision that challenges their faith, love, and trust in each other.


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Loyola Marymount University Film Student Dillard Brown

With help from a team of passionate filmmakers, director Dillard Brown is creating his senior thesis film for Loyola Marymount University. This dramatic short is called Love Child – and it is anything but a simple student film. It pushes cinema to be its best: narratively, creatively, visually, and logistically.



Check out the Indiegogo Campaign here!

The story started with Dillard Brown and writer Ben Moroski. The two worked for weeks on end to create the engrossing story. Then came the producers. Ben Glassman, Elise Glasgow, and Kelsey Taylor hopped on board to aid Dillard with the creation and execution of Love Child. In January, Dillard and the DOP, Logan Fulton, traveled to Northern California to scout for the shoot. At the end of February, Dillard and his team will travel all over California to make Love Child a reality. They will be shooting in Tahoe, Davis, and Los Angeles, CA. Following production, composer Sven Faulconer will use his wide and unique range of musical styles to create the perfect score for the story. Sven’s keen sense for collaboration and strong story-telling skills have earned him music credits on such blockbuster movies as The Hunger Games series, Nightcrawler, The Bourne Legacy, The Green Hornet, and Parkland.

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Dillard and his team need your help to achieve our goal. By telling your friends and family, liking and sharing the Love Child official Facebook page, or even donating to the campaign, you will be helping the team greatly.

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If you would like a detailed budget, please contact the team at DillardBrown1@gmail.com. They will be more than happy to explain where every penny will be spent. Additionally, if you would like any more information on Love Child, feel free to check out their Facebook page, and Indiegogo campaign.

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Originally from the small, agricultural town of Davis, California, Dillard Brown grew up in wide open space, swimming in neighboring irrigation ditches, and exploring the open farmland. In high school, Dillard was very involved in theater, and originally decided to move to LA to pursue an acting career. It was shortly after his arrival however, that Dillard realized his passion lay in creating and telling the full thematic story rather than acting as the character in one. So Dillard decided to pursue Film Production at Loyola Marymount University, and he has since written and directed multiple short films including his award-winning film, Eliyah. During his time studying at LMU, Dillard was fortunate enough to work for Francis Lawrence on the recent blockbuster hit, Mockingjay Part II. Here he was taken under the wing and taught the inside workings of a studio backed film. Now, drawing on his small town upbringing and love for the outdoors, Dillard’s next endeavor, Love Child, will take him back to the familiar landscape of Northern California. Dillard looks to capture the impossible challenge of human survival in winter’s wilderness by shooting on-location in Tahoe/Donner Pass.

Ultimately, Dillard’s greatest objective is the create vivid narrative films that capture the heart and imagination of people around the world.