ALIENATED Invades Foreign Markets with TomCat Films/SummerHill Films!


Contact: Leila C.

ALIENATED Invades Foreign Markets with TomCat Films/SummerHill Films!


Phoenix, AZ, February 18, 2016 — TomCat Films/SummerHill Films announced today that it has secured the foreign rights to One Way or Another Productions’ sci-fi drama ALIENATED, which has completed its film festival run with 12 awards including Best Feature, Best Cinematography, and Best Director for its writer/director Brian Ackley.

On the brink of a possible alien abduction, the married couple in ALIENATED is forced to confront their fatal relationship issues. The film stars veteran actors George Katt and Jen Burry, who won Best Actress at the Chain NYC Film Festival for her role as Paige. ALIENATED also features the last on-screen performance by beloved, character actor Taylor Negron who has also been awarded several Best Supporting Actor awards for his performance as Griffin in the film. Negron, 57 years old, passed to cancer last year.

“ALIENATED is a powerful and moving film that boldly mixes genres and will be something new and different for the foreign distributors. It’s as if the X-FILES somehow merged with WHO’s AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF! I am very excited to be offering it internationally,” says Ted Chalmers (TomCat President and CEO), an industry veteran with an impressive track record for offering highly marketable films for worldwide distribution. Chalmers has been involved in sales and distribution for a number of notable features including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hellraiser and Evil Dead 2, to name a few.

ALIENATED Writer/Director Brian Ackley and Producer Princeton Holt

ALIENATED is the second feature film from director Brian Ackley, who describes the film as “basically about a conspiracy theorist that witnesses a UFO but he doesn’t know how to tell his wife. He doesn’t know if she’ll believe him because of all the other crazy theories he’s had.” Ackley credits the film’s recent New England premiere at the Boston Sci Fi Film Festival as getting “the greatest reaction the film has received thus far.”

“We’re obviously pleased to be working with Ted, who is not only a personal hero of mine, but was also very excited to make our film available to customers in Europe and the rest of the world,” added Princeton Holt, who produced along with his partners Cassandra Riddick and David Vaughn at One Way or Another Productions (in association with Fades 2 Black Media Group). Graphic artist Jenny Menzel designed the film’s artwork and attorney Monica Trombley helped negotiate the terms of the deal along with Chalmers.

Earlier this year, Indiewire announced that Gravitas Ventures acquired the North American VOD rights to the film, which will be released in select theaters and on VOD in late March. Tomcat Films/Summer Films, who has snagged the foreign rights to the film in all territories outside of North America, is currently representing the film in Berlin at the European Film Market and is taking it to the Cannes Film Market in May.

Here is the trailer!

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