Martial Arts Action Comedy Movie UNLUCKY STARS – Available February 2nd on iTunes and More!

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Josh Whitman is new to the world of private investigation, but his fighting abilities are all the qualification private eye Ken Champaco needs to take him on as his new partner. Their latest case involves tracking down D-list Peruvian action star Tomas De La Cruz, who owes a sizeable amount of cash to local bookie/gangster Sam. Their mission is complicated when La Cruz’s obsessive fanboy, the mostly talentless would-be action star Sameer Yousef, and struggling stunt man David Palatkinov unwittingly step into the mix, and as all of their parallel stories begin to converge, Josh and Ken soon discover that this isn’t going to be the easy payday they were hoping for!

More info on the film and where to pre-order via iTunes here

Pre-Order UNLUCKY STARS on iTUNES here!

Genre: Action,Comedy

Cast: Dennis Ruel, Ken Quitugua, Sari Sabella

Crew: Dir. Dennis Ruel Prod. Giovannie Espiritu, Ed Kahana, Jose Montesinos, Dennis Ruel and Sari Sabella Writ. Dennis Ruel

Year of production: 2015

Running time: 100 Minutes

Festivals, Awards & Press:

USA 19 September 2015 (Action On Film International Film Festival)