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The future of media is here. 10 series created by 9 people in 9 months, recently launched on 9/9. Get caught up in its tentacles at

Big Squid Productions & MewNowTV, a small but mighty group of young artists, actors, writers, musicians, editors and computer engineers, have developed a fully immersive platform that will change the way you interact with media forever.



Although officially launched 9/9, the site has undergone constant updates and truly found its niche, with shows tailored to match audience preferences, increased user participation, new episodes every week, and second seasons ahead.



Viewers already have the ability to shape the ‘Talkin’ Points’ episode themes, uncover clues helping to unlock the mystery behind ‘The Joe Show’s’ disappearance, and vote to select the stars (space candidates) of ‘Mission Mars;’ 2016 will see increased interactivity and audience control, because viewers should be a part of the creative movement and be able to contribute their ideas and opinions about their favorite shows. That’s the MewNowTV mindset.





The Big Squids are in pre-production on their first new media feature film (to be shot early next year), and have several producing opportunities underway.  Stay tuned this December for holiday themed episodes and surprises!

Media List:

Journeyman: Johnson Creed and his guides, a psychic with supernatural gifts, a former Navy Seal and a Nordic Blonde alien, set out to restore balance against a dark alien force.

Tremen: (Tres-Men-Dos) Completely in Spanish, always subtitled and loosely scripted Valeria keeps male co-hosts CZR and Juan Don in check, debating hot button issues and spotlighting the American-Latino experience from a refreshing, witty angle.

Class Act: Acting coach Jamie and her class of six kids set out to beat the staggering odds – while a vengeful casting director tries to thwart their every move.

Tune Up: Six inspiring tuner-uppers are embarking on a life-changing, five-week fitness challenge. Follow their daily journeys firsthand Tune in to Tune up!

The Magickal World of Voxx: Have a one-on-one with the World’s Most Accurate Psychic – learn how to access your divine, limitless ability with her inspirational guidance. Live Q&A readings via Periscope every week! Watch, Believe, Repeat.

Mission Mars: Six oddballs will be the sole inhabitants of a brand new colony on Mars, and you get to decide who to send. Prepare for an epic launch this September.

The Joe Show: The famed public access star Joe Stielis disappeared under mysterious circumstances many years ago. These (wild, funny, mildly offensive) tapes are from his private collection; help uncover the clues and solve the mystery!

Manny’s World of Color: Get theme park secrets, musings and tips from the “pro who knows” – theme park aficionado Manny helps ensure that your next trip will actually be magical.  (Check out more on Manny in the FilmCourage Q&A here!)

Talkin’ Points: The Comedy Store’s downright hilarious Punkie Johnson goes all out on the weekly BS: I’m gonna talk your head off. Every-damn-time. The show is called ‘Talkin’ Points!’ Singing may or may not be involved. Grab some TP after a crappy day. (Check out more on Punkie in the FilmCourage Q&A here!)

Jobless:  Two roommates, zero jobs, one option…Javier and Barry desperately try to make it in a world that is leaving Wharton MBA’s out on the street. (Nominated for Best Comedy at the 2015 Burbank International Film Festival)

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