The New tableread App Allows You to Listen To and Read Scripts, Create and Share Script Notes and Rehearse Lines

Film Courage:  What is the tableread App and what does it do?

tableread App: In a sentence, the tableread app allows you to listen to and read scripts, create and share script notes and rehearse lines.

Film Courage:  What prompted the idea and when did you launch the tableread App?

tableread App:  I am an aspiring screenwriter, I turn my scripts over in my head so many times that I sometimes lose sight of how scenes are playing and at times if they are still relevant to the overall structure of the story at all. I, like most spec writers don’t have a cast of actors to read my scripts aloud, so I wanted a simple yet elegant solution to listen to my work in order to help me answer fundamental story questions… Whats playing and whats not? Am I capturing the essence of the story I’m attempting to tell? Am I overplaying or underplaying a scene? What can I cut and what is integral to what I’m trying to say? In essence, how does my story feel? Rather than how does it read?

I know it may sound strange to some but these are the quandaries writers face all the time when buried so heavily in their stories. So, it was from this notion tableread was born, an app that allows you to experience your film before you’ve made it.

After a lengthy development process we are excited to have recently launched the app for iOS and soon for Android.

Film Courage:  How can it benefit writers, producers and actors? Are there separate benefits for each artist?

tableread App:  The tableread App benefits every facet of the production process. Writers can hear their scripts as read by an entire cast. Executives, producers and directors can create and share script notes with the push of a button. Actors can run their lines by utilizing amazing rehearsal features and the entire crew can be kept in the loop by not only listening to the script but everyone’s production notes as well.

Film Courage:  How does it work?

tableread App:  The tableread app takes advantage of the rigid formatting of a script. It knows where the scene headers are, the character names, the dialogue, the action and so on. Therefore it can accurately define who a character is what gender they are and how prevalent they are, and based on this assign them a voice.

Film Courage:  What if a writer has changes to their current script?

tableread App:  Linking a script to a tableread project is easy. If a new draft exists simply import it into the app and tableread will ask you if you want to replace the current version.

Film Courage:  Do you have a tutorial?

tableread App:  Yes, there are bunch of help videos on our website and in app including an introduction video that gives an overview of how the app functions work.


Film Courage:  What options does the app have?  Can it be used in alternate ways?

tableread App:  The app comes in two versions, FREE and PRO. The Free version allow you to import scripts, read them and listen to them in one native voice. It also gives you access to scene selection and in app help menus. The Pro version allows you to assign character voices, add a score, create and share script notes and rehearse.

Film Courage:  Does the app have language translation capabilities?

tableread App:  Not at the moment, though this is something we have the ability to do, so if the demand is there we will gladly incorporate it.

Film Courage:  How does a user decide what gender, accent and cadence for a script read?

tableread App:  The user has full control over how a character sounds including nationality, gender, rate and shape of all voices.

Film Courage:  How can a filmmaker run lines with the entire cast?

tableread App:  There are many modes for rehearsals within the tableread app. You can rehearse on your own or with cast members. In fact the tableread app has no limit as to how many characters can be rehearsed at the one time. The app also boasts powerful features like – mute rehearsal dialogue, pause for me to deliver then read, read rehearsal scenes only and scene toggling so that only selected scenes will playback.

Film Courage:  Can you have music in the read?  If so how does this work?  How much music is available?  Can users import their own music?

tableread App:  Yes, there are currently 23 filmic scores that ship with the app, the tracks are hand picked to cover a multitude of genres. At the moment you can not select your own tracks but this is something that we will look into.

The predictable formatting of a script also means that  we can separate action and dialogue to give an indication as to where a score might swell and where it might trough.

Film Courage:  What other special features does the tableread App offer?

tableread App:  One of the most important things that the tableread app offers is security. All data is stored in app including scripts, voices and scores. This means that your script stays local and therefore safe. We are mindful of the fact that writers and studios in particular are ultra protective of their IP and we want to give everyone peace of mind that their work is secure. There would be nothing worse than giving someone an external link to a script, for the simple reason that the data could be compromised. Because everything is in app it is always left to the digression of the user with whom they share with and when.

Another really cool feature of sharing a script is that all configured settings go with it. Settings such as score, voices and playback are all embedded in the metadata of the PDF on export. So if you send your script to someone with the tableread app they will hear your script precisely how you have set it up.

Film Courage:   How can someone get started using the tableread App and how much does the app cost?

tableread App:  It’s simple, go to the IOS app store, download that tableread App – Its free. You can upgrade to the Pro version on a 7 day free trial with no obligation, after which the pro version costs $2.99 on a monthly subscription.

Film Courage:  You have an audio version of a script on the front of  There are numerous characters and a narrator.  Is there a limit to the characters/voice per script?

tableread App:  In the free version you have access to the one voice only. In the Pro version there is no limit, in fact the app ships with 46 voices ranging from children to the elderly, and in many different English speaking nationalities. You can also alter these voices by adjusting the rate and shape in order to make new cast members.

Film Courage:  What’s next for the tableread App? 

tableread App:  We have a swag of tricks up our sleeve for future updates of the app but at present we are working hard on the Android version.

Want to listen to scripts on the go, in the car, at the gym?
The tableread App’ allows you to….





ABOUT tableread App:

Writers, Listen to your scripts as read by an entire cast of characters, even add a dynamic score. Executives, Directors and Producers, create and share script notes in app. Actors run your lines with a cast and take advantage of the tableread app’s powerful rehearsal features.

Want to listen to scripts on the go, in the car, at the gym? Well, with the ‘tableread App,’ you can. Just import directly from PDF, then listen, it’s that simple. And its totally secure because all your data is stored in app.

Download and use the tableread app for FREE, then subscribe to PRO for access to over 45 unique character voices and a library of dynamic and adaptive film scores. Fully customize playback, so everyone experiences your scripts precisely how you want them to.

Whats more, you can take advantage of the tableread app’s powerful rehearsal functions and share script notes on the fly to keep the whole cast and crew on the same page.
From script to screen, the tableread App is a must have tool for the entire production process.

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