What Is the AT&T Real Stories Business Circle Project About on Zooppa?


The AT&T Real Stories Business Circle project is about capturing compelling stories about entrepreneurs who use technology in their business.

Told through both video and words, these stories allow business owners to share insights with other business owners.

Film Courage:  How can someone get involved?

Zooppa:  Getting involved with this project, or any other project on Zooppa, is free and easy! The details of this project are available in the creative brief, and submitting your video is all done through the website. Of course, we are available for questions at support@zooppa.com.



Film Courage:   Is this project only open to filmmakers?

Zooppa:  This project with AT&T is specifically a video project. However, the projects on Zooppa vary from video, and still photos to graphic design work.

Film Courage:   What type of content is AT&T looking for?

Zooppa:  AT&T is looking for two-minute videos that capture authentic stories from business owners. As well as a 15-second teaser



Film Courage:   What elements are key to a successful video entry?

Zooppa:  The business owner you choose should be passionate about what they do and your video should explore how technology helps them grow and succeed in business. It’s a bonus if they are using technology in creative and innovative ways. Real Stories videos are part biography, part success story with technology. You are encouraged to upload multiple entries, as a series or individually. Make sure to focus on a business with fewer than 100 employees that doesn’t have a full time IT staff. Ideally, you’re interviewing the owner or someone senior in the organization who makes technology decisions.

Film Courage:   How does this project allow business owners to share insights with other business owners?

Zooppa:  This project gives small-business owners a voice, and in doing so, helps the small-business community learn powerful lessons about entrepreneurship. Business owners learn directly from other business owners what it’s like to start, build, and protect a business and satisfy customers. Business owners get tips on how to select the right technology and solve a variety of challenges involving finances, operations, staffing, and marketing. In short, it’s business owners helping other business owners live their dream.

Film Courage:   Is there a deadline to submit your project?

Zooppa:  The deadline to submit work to this project is October 5, 2015 at 10AM Pacific Time.

Film Courage:   Any do’s and don’ts or specific requirements artists should be aware of when entering?

Zooppa:  As always we recommend reading through the creative brief and sending us an email with any questions you might have. For this project AT&T has some specific do’s & don’ts:

Please DO:

•       Download the Real Story asset pack and follow the instructions

•       Visit Business Circle and study past Real Stories

•       Ensure you have the business’s permission before filming

•       Ensure you are asking the business technology-specific questions

•       Encourage the business owner to wear clothing with no logos (otherwise you will have to edit it out)

•       Get permission from the artist if any wall art (posters/photography/paintings) appears in your video, otherwise it must be blurred. Videos with excessive blurring will not be considered for prizes.

•       Interview one business per video you submit

Please DON’T:

•Show or discuss any other wireless carrier brands

•Discuss specific manufacturers or brands (HTC, Samsung, Apple, etc.)

•Embed the business’s logo as a graphic in the video; show it in the video itself

•Include anyone in the video unless that person has signed a model release form



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