Less Than 61 Hours Left to Support 91% Funded OKTOBERFEST Movie on Kickstarter by Paul J. Porter and Hayley Derryberry

Indie comedy based on Alpine Village Oktoberfest; Film shaped by crowdcasting, crowdfunding and online contests

Los Angeles, CA, SEPTEMBER 3, 2015: Gemütlichkeit, LLC today announces the filming schedule of Oktoberfest Movie at Alpine Village beginning on September 12, 2015. Alpine Village, host of the longest running Oktoberfest in Southern California, is supporting the project by providing the location for filming during Oktoberfest, as well as running special promotions to involve fans on both sides of the camera for the movie. Oktoberfest fans can enter contests for a chance to win tickets to Alpine Village Oktoberfest and be extras in the movie.

Oktoberfest Movie is about the unique experience of Oktoberfest in North America, which is enjoyed and celebrated by thousands of people from diverse backgrounds every year.  As a celebration of that diversity, Oktoberfest Movie is not only brought to you by filmmakers who are fans of Oktoberfest, but it is also reaching out to fans all over the world to create a truly unique way of filmmaking.



(Read Q&A with Hayley here)

The filmmakers have asked their audience for a lot of input including voting for the lead actor, submitting photo essays, and even naming characters. Last week, they even launched a Kickstarter campaign so supporters can pre-order the movie and help further shape the production.



(Read Q&A with Paul here)

How the audience can get involved with the movie:

·       Attending Alpine Oktoberfest September 12 and 19 for a chance to be filmed

·       Oktoberfest Story Photo contest: Winner will receive two tickets to Alpine Village and two nights stay at a nearby hotel. Photos may appear in the movie.

·       Invent a drinking game contest: Submit a drinking game to be featured in the movie and DVD bonus features

·        DesignCrowd contests launching in September for character design

·         SoundCloud contest for independent musicians to be included on the  soundtrack

·       Name or style a character on OktoberfestMovie.com

·       Support Kickstarter campaign at OktoberfestMovie.com/Kickstarter

For more information visit OktoberfestMovie.com.

About Gemütlichkeit, LLC:

Our producers, two husband-and-wife couples often clad in Bavarian garb, have a combined total of 230+ Oktoberfest festival days and 770+ chicken dances. Needless to say, the team’s passion and experience shape the planning, creation, production and marketing of the Oktoberfest movie. Paul Porter and Hayley Derryberry are the driving force behind the story. With their production company Rogue Taurus, the writer/producer/director/actor/blogger duo produced their first feature film in 2014, Rabid Love. Otto and Brenda Radtke have been at the helm of planning, creating and marketing Southern California’s premier Oktoberfest at Alpine Village for the last five years. Together these couples lend their distinct perspective and knowledge to all stages of film development.


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