Absurdist Comedic Crime Film CONGRATULATIONS! by Mike Brune – Now Available on iTunes!

Congratulations! – OFFICIAL TRAILER from mike brune on Vimeo.


The most crucial hours of any missing persons case are the first seventy-two. But it is the next 87,660 hours and beyond when the real challenges present themselves. When an investigator must keep searching despite decaying evidence, aging children or deteriorating acuity – herein lies the specialty of veteran Detective Dan Skok of the Missing Persons Bureau.

Eight year-old Paul Ryan Gray goes missing in his own house throwing the Gray family into chaos. Det. Skok and his team of investigators recognize the unusual nature of such a case. In an equally unusual response, Skok and his team move into the house and become residents of the crime scene in order to solve this oddball mystery.

As one family disintegrates, another is built.

Congratulations! – Behind the Scenes Featurette from mike brune on Vimeo.



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