QUARTER LIFE COACH – Digital Pre-Sales Open for 11/18 Release – A Quirky Indie Comedy for 20-Somethings Searching for Meaning



September 20th, 2015  Los Angeles, CA – LOVEVOLVE CINEMA has opened pre-sales for the digital release of the independent feature film, QUARTER LIFE COACH, starring Nicole Wensel and Sean Liang. Wensel, who also wrote and directed the film, plays COLEY, a 20-something who quits her full-time job to become a life coach. Intended to be comical, emotional moving and ultimately uplifting, the film captures Coley’s journey to help her first client, FRED (Sean Liang), while her own life falls apart completely.


The genesis for Quarter Life Coach was Wensel’s desire to create a film that would reflect her own quest for spiritual fulfillment. In exploring the industry of ‘self-help and personal development,’ Wensel found both value and humor. She used the screenwriting process as an opportunity to exorcise heavy emotions through the alchemy of comedy – transforming the difficulties of her life into a funny and inspirational story for others to share in.

Noting a lack of films featuring young women hunting for greater meaning in life, Wensel was driven to create a film that would be true to life (reflected in the documentary realism style of cinematography) as well as aspirational. She states, “I wanted to create a film that would depict a real woman’s struggle to break free from the binds of meaningless work or familial dependence and showcase the very real financial and emotional struggle that many entrepreneurs go through. Coley reflects what I saw in myself and my peers – ambition, an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to help others in the midst of life’s challenges.”

Made on a shoestring production budget of $3,000, the imperfections in the formal elements are themselves intended to be a part of the greater message of the film, ‘I created this film at a time when making my art wasn’t “easy” in a pragmatic sense. Living her life’s purpose isn’t “easy” for Coley either, which is kind of the point. The path for entrepreneurs and artists is extremely challenging both emotionally and financially, and that can discourage a lot of people. “I wanted to show the world that the power to create lies in each of us and isn’t reserved for people with access to high budgets or high profile individuals. I want audiences to be moved not only by the content of the film but by the manner in which it was created: a slow but steady striving against all obstacles to share my truth with the world.”

Quarter Life Coach received the Merit Award at the Awareness Festival as well as the Gold Award at the International Festival for Women, Social Issues and Zero Discrimination. More details about the film’s release can be found at Lovevolvecinema.com.


Quarter Life Coach is a narrative feature film that follows a 20-something life coach who is having a quarter life crisis.  Find out more at Lovevolvecinema.com.


Nicole Wensel is a writer, director and actor. She graduated with a B.A. in Cinematic Arts from the University of Southern California, where she studied filmmaking and entrepreneurship. She has worked for top production companies and mentored closely under academy-award nominated filmmakers. She recently launched the production company Lovevolve Cinema, which focuses on creating films for expression, inspiration and social change.