TIPIT Video App is Inviting Young Urban Creatives aka ‘Yuccies’ to Join the First Interactive Yuccie Community by Erez Tal

EREZ TAL CO-FOUNDER OF TIPIT ‘An app for creative video makers



Film Courage: When did you co-found TIPIT?

Erez Tal: We started developing the idea of TIPIT about a year ago.

Film Courage:  What is TIPIT?

Erez: TIPIT is the home of all creative video makers. The app has unique video editing software and is designed for people involved in the fields of creation, design, video editing and film making.

Film Courage: How does TIPIT work?

Erez:  Anyone can download TIPIT, watch the videos and follow creators, to edit, ReMix and upload a video to TIPIT.  You should be invited by someone in the TIPIT community or we approved your invite, then you can upload and edit your videos, add animations and speech bubbles.

Create and inspire!
Your own story through videos.


Film Courage:  What makes TIPIT unique?

Erez:  Besides TIPIT’s technology that lets you edit a video and add objects on your mobile, as a TIPIT community member you can ReMix and tweak other creators’ video, add your own animation or sticker to it while giving the video different angle and meaning.  By ReMixing a video you join a chain of different ideas on top of the same original video.

Film Courage:  Why did you begin TIPIT?

Erez:  We thought that it is too complicated for everyone to edit a video. We were looking for a solution that video creators love and we came up with the idea for a place were they can both create videos and enjoy other videos of a community that have the same passion for creative videos.

TIPIT Is Offering 25 Free Invites To Join The World’s First Interactive Yuccie (a.k.a. Young Urban Creatives) Community!

Film Courage:   Is there a cost to post videos on TIPIT?

Erez:  The TIPIT app is totally free of charge.  The only thing a creator would need is to become a member via an invitation from an existing member or we shall approve the request to join.

Film Courage:   In your press release you quote writer David Infante, ‘The hipster is dead and the Young Urban – Can you tell us about the term ‘Yuccies?’ Creatives – Yuccies – are on the rise.’  How and why is this so?

Erez:  With today’s rhythm of life, together with what technology offers us, many creative people who defined themselves, or their surroundings, are defined as hipsters.  They express their creativity on a daily basis with simple apps started on Facebook, Instagram and Vine. As the writer of the Yuccies article defined, a Yucci, is the same as a hipster who has flown with the fast rhythm of today’s life.  But in his/her own way and with creativity, has impressed the mainstream minded and could become popular on those apps. Today an ‘old hipster’ is almost a mainstream.  Therefore, there is no definition for hipster as it was before, but the different and creative mind of those who don’t like to be considered ‘mainstream’ and is still looking for a fast and creative success in life.

Film Courage:   How will Yuccies bring new life to the online creative world?

Erez:  They are already creating fresh and creative works online. TIPIT is going to be the place where they share it amongst themselves and not with their aunties.


Film Courage:   What do you see as the latest trend with video creators?

Erez:  Videos are becoming shorter and shorter, straight to the point with different combinations of static and dynamic objects.  Sometimes animations are involved and it all falls under a few creative categories: Cinemagraph, Stop-Motion, Time-lapse, Visual Effects or Animation.

Film Courage:   Are Millennials the only group obsessed with creating online content?  Do you see Gen Xer’s or Baby Boomers as interested?

Erez:  Online content obsession is usually a Millennial thing, but there is a growing interest for online content and for digital screens among any generation. Getting “likes” and crowd appreciation for your content is something that anyone loves.  Online media sharing makes it easier to create and post content as time evolves.

Film Courage:   Are there tutorial videos available on TIPIT?

Yes – here.

TIPIT – Take Your Videos One Step Further from TIPIT on Vimeo.

Film Courage:   What is a smart filter and what can it do on TIPIT?

Erez:  For this you will have to wait until we release this feature.  In general it brings effects of smart and heavy video editing software to the mobile users in a simple way.

Film Courage:   What are the benefits for animators using TIPIT?

Erez:  Animators can create any animation on their creative mind and integrate it to any existing video as a video ReMix or to a new one on TIPIT. We will soon bring more features for animators regarding stickers and animations for other users.

Film Courage:   What are some of your favorite videos on TIPIT?

Erez:  I love the ‘Take a Break‘ video, it’s a ReMixed video of another cool video made by Russell Wyatt Roberts.

Film Courage: Besides adorable animals and babies, what short form content increases a video’s ‘shareability?’

Erez:  Sharable video can be any thing that is above average content.  It will find its audience sharing it, something that has rarely been seen as paper stop motion or perfect combination of ‘Wow video’ and good sound. Video content on social networks is becoming shorter and shorter with a straight to the point message. Video viewers, as it comes to their preferences, are opting to see more in less time, just as it happened with the written media and newspapers where we used to read long stories with small images 10 years ago.  Today’s newspapers and media are full of huge titles and images and less text to read.

Film Courage:  What’s on the horizon for TIPIT?

Erez:  As a home of creative video lovers, TIPIT’s future is to gather and entertain with creative videos. Once we add the video effects, as an old man said: “The sky’s the limit.”

Film Courage:  What’s your personal mantra?

Erez:  Dare and be creative.  It will serve your results.”

Film Courage:   What type of videos do you enjoy making?

Erez:  Usually there is no one type of video that I like. I prefer to see a video and think how can I tweak it, then find the right animation or sticker to incorporate into the video.

Film Courage:   Where does the inspiration for your creative side come from?

Erez:  I believe from the right hemisphere, but I’m left handed, so maybe it’s the opposite side of the brain.

Film Courage:   How does surfing enhance your mind and creativity?

Erez:  Surfing is a hobby of mine for years.  It clears your mind, whether you are in the sea listening to the waves or on a snow slope at the mountains, snowboarding with music in your ears

Film Courage:  Any other amazing apps that have sparked ideas, awe and wonder in you?

Erez:  Creativity apps as Bazaart for images and French Girls for drawing.

Film Courage:   Anything else you’d like to share?

Erez:  Enjoy your art and share it 🙂



Erez Tal is Co-Founder of TIPIT, a new video editing app and a home for creative video makers. Erez is in charge of the product and works closely with TIPIT’s community of graphic designers and videographers, creates short videos and surf on his fun-time @ereztal1.


TIPIT is a video company aiming to inspire the world to live more creatively. Through TIPIT app, we encourage our community to tip their inner artist into videos and use videography as a gateway back to creativity. With its technology, TIPIT lets you easily add interactive objects, captions, special effects and smart filters that motion-track anything in your video. TIPIT is the best way to create beautiful short films with your creativity in it.  TIPIT’s product and creative advisor, Uri Ar.  TIPIT’s co-founder is Erez Tal.

The hipster is dead; it is time to welcome the Yuccies and with them the first ever app designed exclusively for this new generation of creatives: TIPIT.

New video app TIPIT, the world’s first virtual community for Young Urban Creatives – Yuccies – is offering 25 free invites for you to deliver to your readers. This exciting new app, which will launch soon on iOS, promises to wow the creative community with the first mobile video editing capabilities of its kind for smartphone users. TIPIT is ideal for imaginative, ambitious and expressive individuals looking to interact with people on their wavelength.

The app’s unique video editing software is designed for people involved in the fields of creation and design, as well as those interested in video editing and filmmaking. Unlike other video apps, TIPIT brings high quality desktop video editing software capabilities to mobile. The founders aim for TIPIT to create buzz among artists and creators, which could have a big impact on the world of video-based social media within this exclusive community.

Existing examples of successful image and video-based communities are Vine and Instagram, with Instagram estimated to be worth $35 billion. However, the video editing that Vine offers is minimal, with basic trimming and cropping, while Instagram only allows users to add filters to their recordings. They key difference with TIPIT is that it provides video editing capabilities that belong to a video editor, like motion-tracking, incorporating external objects graphics, remixing, and more.  The TIPIT team boasts the knowledge and experience to make this enterprise a success: For example, Ar was previously involved in developing a host of interactive media products, including Houzz and video platform, Metacafe.