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Film Courage: Which of your parents do you resemble most?

Kyle Valle:  Tough question, but I really would have to say both, in different ways. I’ve learned so much from both of them, especially at different times in my life, that I think it’s a pretty even split.

New Media Venture MEWNOWTV Launching 9/9
The future of media is here. Get caught up in its tentacles this September with 9 series and apps, created by 9 people in 9 months, debuting 9/9.

Film Courage:  How would you describe yourself as a child?

Kyle:  Frustrated and easily distracted because I was curious about any and everything around me. I wanted to know how things worked and why they were the way that they were.  That nonstop need to know led me to constantly teach myself things, create and imagine better alternatives..

Film Courage:   We know you’ve played sports in school.  Would you call yourself a competitive person off the field/court?


Kyle:  Not in the traditional understanding of ‘competitive.’  I don’t see the value in comparing myself to others or trying to one up anyone. I’m competitive with myself and am always focused on evolving as a person, so really it’s more of a never-ending competition with myself.


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.Film Courage:   Have you ever been tempted to move back home?

Kyle:  No, I have nothing against the idea, it’s that I like new places. I left New Jersey to attend the University of South Carolina and then headed off to the west coast. I like the culture shock – it’s important to explore new things and places, discover new opportunities and meet people from all walks of life.



Film Courage:   You’ve mentioned that Ivana Chubbuck’s ‘The Power of the Actor’ is one of your favorite books.  Is there a particular passage that moves you?

Kyle:  The book itself might be a bit self-indulgent, but the technique is solid for actors, I recommend it.

Film Courage:   Where do you find serenity?

Kyle:  When I’m on set, and there is no time or option to question myself. You get to the point where you’re either going to do it, or you’re going to fail, and in those moments of complete and utter stress and craziness, when you can find something within yourself that you didn’t know you had – that’s my serene moment.

Film Courage:   What makes you sad?

Kyle:  We live in a world so crowded with shallow messages and values. It’s hard seeing people not able to express themselves in an artistic way.

Film Courage:   What’s right with the world?

Kyle:  MewNowTV is a shining light at the end of the tunnel! The growth of peer promoted technologies and ideas is something that really excites me about the world that we live in.

Film Courage:   Where did you learn about filmmaking?

Kyle:  I used a number of resources to teach myself –  from books and video tutorials to studying lighting within art books. I’ve also watched literally every movie I could get my hands on. I think everyone can teach themselves to learn anything that they want to, if they have the drive, focus and tools to do so.

Film Courage:   How many shorts and or feature films have you made?

Kyle:  6 shorts, 3 web series, 7 interactive series. In total, around 900 minutes of finished content over the last 2 years.

MewNow Team and Erin Smith, Director of Marketing (across)
 Film Courage:   Biggest technical challenge you overcame on set from prior films?

Kyle:  I can’t recall a specific time that there was any huge technical challenge on set. I put a lot of time and effort into pre-production, probably to the point of over-preparing; it’s just so important to the process. Of course things have gone wrong though, it happens, and to overcome it you just need to utilize the same creativity to solve the problem that you used to create the story in the first place. There’s no one right or wrong answer,  I believe you should always move forward and can’t get hung up on any one thing.

 Film Courage:   Which project was the most challenging other than technical issues?  What did it teach you?

Kyle:  On the set of ‘Mirage,’ my directorial debut, I had extreme heat exhaustion in the middle of the one-day short film shoot, and thankfully caught myself before having to be hospitalized, but the situation was really bad. We missed almost half of the shots we had intended to get. Thankfully the film turned out even better than I’d expected – It forced me to be more creative and ultimately create a more unique product, adapting the storyline to fit the reality of the situation.


Film Courage:   What’s something you learned from making prior films (and maybe didn’t execute as well as you would have liked) that will be an area of emphasis on your next project?

Kyle:  More microphones on set for the next project. Possibly hidden microphones. ADR is great, but the sound that you get on set has magic in it – it captures those perfect moments, and you just can’t match it in post.

 Film Courage:   What is  When and where will it be available?

Kyle:  MewNowTV is me, you, we, now – connecting through the brand new online site (launching 9/9), with multi-genre original series and apps that allow you to interact with your favorite shows.

Film Courage:   Why are you launching


Kyle:  I wanted a place for artists to create with independence and true creative freedom. In it’s simplest form, MewNowTV exists to create fun things for everyone. Everyone needs that little release, even if it’s just a 10-minute break watching something on your phone – but in today’s world you’re more likely to spend those 10 minutes searching instead of watching. We aim to solve that problem.

 Film Courage:   What sparked the idea for

Kyle:  I’d have to repeat a lot of my previous answer on this one; I’ve always felt the need for a space such as MewNowTV for both artists and the public. It took directing my first project to realize that I needed not just one film or one series, but an entire platform where people could go to escape into another reality.

Film Courage:   How long was the idea floating around in your head before you began formulating

Kyle:  I guess as soon as I thought about it, I started working on it and in one way or another it just came together.

Film Courage:   How many people did you share the idea for with?

Kyle:  A handful of my closest family, friends and colleagues. I tried to keep the idea itself limited to a small group, not because I was afraid another company would steal it – I hope there’s more content creation and sites like ours, I want to watch! The idea is ever evolving. It changes at every step of the way, so I’ve never wanted to arbitrarily say what it is and what it isn’t at the beginning stages. I’ve found that’s key to being successful, evolving and adapting. No one person has the answer, you need to listen to your team, taking in opinions and working together. The product itself is best defined by demonstrating the final result.

 Film Courage:   How did you meet your collaborators for

Kyle:  Happenstance, luck and work. By continuously working really hard, you reach out to the world, and people see what you’re doing and reach back out. We were lucky to find and continuously add amazing people and talented artists to our team who came together from all over.

Film Courage:   Why is the voice of this generation?  What is the voice?

Kyle:  It’s the only place that I’m aware of that’s putting really high quality, honest content out there that is not controlled by a giant network or corporation. We seek to create entertainment in it’s purest form and explore life from every side of our generation. We’re not hiring seasoned actors with big names or established comedians already touring the world; were were looking for and have successfully found people who – regardless of age, demographic or creed – have something interesting to say, have a positive message for the world and who are truly inspirational artists – they just needed a place to show it and a team to put it together. We give individuals the chance to express their own, completely unique voice on one unified channel, and we don’t control or curtail their voice from overhead. You can see and feel this when you watch Everything comes together as one and emphasizes the individual, but also the same and the whole — that is the voice and feel of our generation.

Erin Smith, Director of Marketing (middle)

Film Courage:   How much money have you invested in

Kyle:  Over the course of the last 2 years, I couldn’t really tell you. We’ve focused on buying what we’ve needed as we go, collecting various film equipment, props, and wardrobe along the way that have turned out to be useful not only for MewNowTV series, but also in our other shorts and film projects. The production equipment and props we’ve amassed is like a patchwork quilt — I can’t tell you how many patches that there are, but I know that the blanket is really, really comfy (laughs).

Film Courage:   What camera(s) did you use to film your MewNowTV promo? 

Kyle:  For our two cinematic series, we used the Black Magic Cinema camera 4K. We shot everything in Apple Pro Res 422 to save hard drive space. I would highly recommend this camera to anyone getting started- it’s affordable, and the images that you get are absolutely stunning. We also used the Canon 70D, the Go Pro, and a few other various cameras along the way for our talk shows.

 Film Courage:   Is there anything you haven’t shared yet, that you wish you knew before you began the MewNowTV venture?

Kyle:  No. Everything thus far has come into place as it needed to. The things I didn’t know when I started were the things that ultimately allowed me to get to the place I needed to be in order to learn them. Learning alongside your peers and growing together as a team is such a wonderful thing. It’s an incredible experience.

Film Courage:   What keeps you in a positive mindset?  Do you get down or discouraged?  If so, what gets you out of this funk?

Kyle:  Your team gets you out of the funk. Everyone stumbles, and that’s why you need to have a group of amazing, positive people around you. Our team members have basically moved into the editing room this week. They showed up as reinforcements and began taking on additional projects. Those are the kind of people that I count myself lucky to call my friends, teammates and colleagues.

 Film Courage:   What other creative things do you do?

Kyle:  I write, I paint, I do modeling, I like to make the occasional craft cocktail. I was enjoying having a tomato garden on our deck… but that was converted to a studio for painting props. I also may or may not have forgotten to water them. If you’re an artist you find yourself making art out of anything. Everything is an opportunity to create, whether it’s building a configuration out of restaurant table coffee creamers or using little action figures to put on musicals over Periscope. I enjoy creating on Periscope. I think that it’s really going to open up the future in regards to the way that we interact. MewNowTV will also explore the creative possibilities on Periscope, stay tuned!

 Film Courage:   Where do you develop your best ideas?

Kyle:  A combination – I’ve had lightening bolt ideas in the shower and on the treadmill, but the best ideas most often come when around a group of people who are positive and creative, where you all have at least one abstract goal that you’re working towards; there is nothing that that energy can’t do.

Film Courage:   Biggest supporter in your life?

Kyle:  This takes us full circle back to the top question. Again, both of my parents. At different points of my life, throughout various interests and pursuits, they have been and always are a source of love, knowledge and support.


Film Courage:   Quote or mantra that you live by?

Kyle:  “Don’t wait for the boat to come in, go out and get it.”  I’m sure someone else has said that, no idea who.

Film Courage:   What’s next for you creatively?

Kyle:  We have several potential movie deals coming together with financing out of New York and a couple of new series in the works. We’ll continuously create and release content for the 9 current MewNowTV series. We’ll have daily themes matching the new content released that day –  for example, on Magic Mondays, a new episode of ‘the Magickal World of Voxx,’ a show centered around the World’s Most Accurate Psychic, will be added to the site, and so forth. Lots of exciting continued and new content – Stay tuned beginning 9/9!

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About Kyle Valle:

From setting New Jersey state records in swimming and serving as the captain of the football team to starting and managing an entire fraternity chapter as well as several businesses as just a freshman at the University of South Carolina, Kyle Valle has continued to expand his prowess as a leader across industries and state lines.

Since planting his feet firmly in Los Angeles in 2011, Kyle has produced, written, directed and acted in numerous festival short films and is ready to introduce to the world his brainchild – MewNowTV: a brand new interactive media site the likes of which the internet has yet to experience, with cinematic-level web series and immersive apps that will allow users to effect and interact with new media content like never before.

Kyle is the founder and creator behind MewNowTV, leading a creative team he has assembled of 9 young actors, writers, editors, bloggers and computer technicians called Big Squid Productions. Get ready to experience the ‘online theme park for your brain’ with 9 series and apps made by 9 people in 9 months premiering on 9/9.




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