– An Online Theme Park for Your Brain With 9 Series and Apps Made by 9 People in 9 Months Premiering 9/9


New Media Venture MEWNOWTV Launching 9/9


The future of media is here. Get caught up in its tentacles this September with 9 series and apps, created by 9 people in 9 months, debuting 9/9.



Big Squid Productions & MewNowTV, a small but mighty group of young artists, actors, writers, musicians and computer engineers, have developed a platform that will change the way you interact with media forever.

MewNowTV rolls out 9/9, comprised of 9 wholly unique cinematic level web series and themed apps, the Squids are ‘inking’ a new formula for fun!

Their goal — to create a theme park for your brain, all online, where the original content acts as an escape to another reality.



The Squid’s line up will boast everything from science fiction, action, fitness, comedy, drama, astrology to musicals, and even psychic readings!

The Squids are diving deep until the launch of MewNowTV, working around the clock so that they make their 9/9 deadline! But you can keep up with the Squids yourself; media list and social network links below.

Media List:

‘Journeyman’: Johnson Creed and his guides, a psychic with super natural gifts, a former Navy Seal and a Nordic Blonde alien, set out to restore balance against a dark alien force.

‘Tremen2’: Completely in Spanish, always subtitled and loosely scripted — Hosts CZR, Suave Jon, and Valeria spotlight the American-Latino experience, debating hot button issues, common misconceptions, and life tips from a refreshing, witty angle.

‘Class Act’: Former child star Jamie mentors six kids in her new acting class; from evil arch nemesis casting directors and career jealousy to stage moms and love triangles, together they set out to beat the odds.

‘Tune Up’: Six inspiring “tuner-uppers” are embarking on a life-changing, five-week fitness challenge. Follow their daily journeys on periscope — Tune in to Tune up!

‘The Magickal World of Voxx’: Have a one-on-one with ‘the World’s Most Accurate Psychic’ -learn how to access your divine, limitless ability with her inspirational guidance.

Watch, Believe, Repeat. ‘Periscope Psychic’ live Q & A’s every week.

‘Mission Mars 6’: Six oddballs will be the sole inhabitants of a new colony on Mars, and you are going to decide who to send. Prepare for an epic launch this September.

‘The Joe Show’: It’s hard being a nice, normal guy these days. Joe’s gonna tell you who’s being offensive lately, and he may or may not apologize. Take notes, you don’t want to be next.

‘Manny’s World of Color’: Get theme park secrets, musings and advice from ‘the pro who knows’ – theme park aficionado Manny helps ensure that your next trip will actually be magical.

’Talkin’ Points’: The Comedy Store’s downright hilarious Punkie Johnson goes all out on the weekly BS: “I’m gonna talk your head off. Every-damn-time. The show is called ‘Talkin’ Points!’” Grab some TP after a crappy day.

CountDown TO MEWNOW from Kyle Valle on Vimeo.

About Kyle Valle:

From setting New Jersey state records in swimming and serving as the captain of the football team to starting and managing an entire fraternity chapter as well as several businesses as just a freshman at the University of South Carolina, Kyle Valle has continued to expand his prowess as a leader across industries and state lines.

Since planting his feet firmly in Los Angeles in 2011, Kyle has produced, written, directed and acted In numerous festival short films and is ready to introduce to the world his brainchild – MewNowTV: a brand new interactive media site the likes of which the internet has yet to experience, with cinematic-level web series and immersive apps that will allow users to effect and interact with new media content like never before.

Kyle is the founder and creator behind MewNowTV, leading a creative team he has assembled of 9 young actors, writers, editors, bloggers and computer technicians called Big Squid Productions. Get ready to experience the ‘online theme park for your brain’ with 9 series and apps made by 9 people in 9 months premiering on 9/9.

Check out Kyle’s prior Film Courage Q&A here.



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