THE PROBLEM Y Movie ft. David Casella, Damien D. Smith and Matthew Teardrop is Having a PARTY @ The Church of Fun in LA 7/31/15


The Problem Y movie (Starring David Casella, Damien D. Smith, and Matthew Teardrop) is having a PARTY
at The Church of Fun in Los Angeles on July 31st, 2015!





Along with showing the film, we will be video recording a LIVE commentary with the Cast and Crew and YOU!



That’s right! We will be tracking the audio COMMENTARY for our official DVD and we are encouraging an INTERACTIVE experience and anytime Q&A from the audience.


Come and meet the stars of this darkly comedic
indie sleeper gem…



THOMAS, is a quintessential aging virgin being slowly devoured by his social anxiety and romantic frustrations. He quells his loneliness through an objectionable Internet habit, but one day he has a breakdown. At that moment, he comes upon an invitation for his 20th high school reunion and decides to recruit his two childhood friends to accompany him on a quest to finally impress his high school crush, a girl who never knew he existed.

He anxiously drives to the home of DARRELL, a depressed stockbroker who’s lost everything to his ex wife in a recent devastating divorce. He is about to commit suicide with a pistol when THOMAS unknowingly interrupts the attempt. THOMAS vigorously persuades DARRELL to accompany him. Figuring he has nothing to lose, DARRELL agrees.

The two then track down JIMMY, a hard drinking homeless musician who is currently on a three-day bender. Out of concern for their friend, they kidnap the befuddled JIMMY and shove him into their car. Together, they head out onto the highways and into the barren landscapes of America.

Traveling through the mountains, they come upon a rest stop where they approach three semi-vagrant women to ask for directions. Everyone involved in the conversation are lamentably lost, yet nothing significant happens. The group continues on their way.
After a while, they disembark at an abandoned commune in the desert.

Here THE STRANGER, a wizened desert shaman who offers to show them “the answers to the universe” through a mysterious herbal concoction, approaches them.

JIMMY happily obliges and the other two grudgingly follow suit. The STRANGER departs, leaving them to wander around the surreal landscape. They have a blast together.

Attempting to recover from the previous day’s psychedelic excursion, weary and worn down, the friends check into a rundown roadside motel. THOMAS is still insistent on fulfilling his mission of attending the reunion. DARRELL has had it with THOMAS’ delusions and boils over. He angrily educates him that they are losers and never had a chance.

In a moment of remorse DARRELL hires a truck stop prostitute to finally deflower THOMAS and instill in him some sense of self- confidence. A tragicomedy ensues, as THOMAS is emotionally incapable of being romantically involved with any woman.

The next morning, the boys pile back into their car and without any conversation begin driving back to the city. They were unable to make the reunion yet it is never mentioned.

Back in the city they reaffirm their friendship, make plans to meet again and most importantly make a vow not to relapse into their negative habits.

JIMMY returns home and immediately starts drinking.

THOMAS retreats to his bedroom and sits down in front of his computer, his face showing his self-disgust.

Finally, DARRELL drags himself back into his empty home. He sits on the bed and once again raises the gleaming pistol to his temple. Just as he is about to pull the trigger a moment of reflection floods over his face. What he does next is lost to the audience forever.


David Casella,
Damien, D Smith
Matthew Teardrop
with: Celeste Octavia
Anne Marie Laricca… See More