See All 6 Episodes ROCKETSHIP RADIO Webseries – An Indie Band Struggles with Fans, Playing Shows and an Incompetent Producer

A struggling rock band must deal with the challenges of getting fans, playing shows & recording their new album while dealing with their incompetent producer





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Kalani Hubbard Bio:

Kalani Hubbard is a passionate filmmaker who stops at nothing to make his concepts into reality, though his professional experience in filming and editing, to his new found love of writing and producing.
His unique talent launched his reputation in the YouTube community and connected him to popular YouTubers such as Chester See, YOMYOMF, The Brothers Riedell, Matthias, Megan Batoon, and others to produce and collaborate great videos.  These creative projects inspired him to write and produce his very first comedy web series “Rocketship Radio,” in 2014.
Kalani founded the video production company Rocketship Films, LLC., which has created content for corporate clients such as VM Ware, Levi’s, and Kaiser Permanente. Previously, he gained his experience and professionalism through working at a production house in the Bay Area and his skillfulness won him first place in three different video competitions.
Although his career started over a decade ago as an editor in a small production house, his new ability and passion for writing and producing will see the launch of many more films in the future.

Adam Paul Stone Bio:

From an early age, Adam Paul Stone was always imagining movies in his head. He first held a camera at the age of 13, filming things like silly home videos and a mini-series with his friends. He joined a media class in junior high and became very popular for his shooting and editing skills. It was in this class that Stone decided that being a filmmaker was what he was meant to do.

.During his final years of high school, Stone was busy trying to find a way to make his dream become a reality. He looked at colleges but soon realized that school was not the route for him. Luckily, a bright idea came to him that would shortly kick off his career as a filmmaker. He began writing a screenplay for what is now known as his first short film “A Complex Structure Known as a Relationship.” Within days he had a cast and crew and filming began. It premiered at the Flatland Film Festival in October of 2010.

In 2011, Stone began shooting music videos for local artists and helped produce the charity film “At the Top of Your Lungs” which premiered in 2011. In 2012, he began directing music videos for local YouTube stars, Justin Robinett and Michael Henry, whose videos have reached millions of views.
In late 2012, Stone began working on his next short film “Ben, I Like You.” The film premiered in May of 2013 at a local screening then was later screened at the 2013 Flatland Film Festival where it won the “Audience Choice Award.”

.Stone has directed 100s of music videos and commercials. He has worked with MTV, CNBC, Andre Fennell a seven time Grammy Nominated Writer/ Producer and Adam was also in the Top 100 of the hit internet reality show Internet Icon.





Kalani Hubbard
Dustin Ward
Logan McKern
Kevin Ohlin
Adam Paul Stone

Guest Starring:

Kyle Hatch
Anthony Ma
Adam Myatt (Cat-Man of West Oakland)