Making A Movie True To One’s Ambition by Brad Coley of FRANK THE BASTARD – Opens in NYC and LA Today – Expands Next Week!


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FRANK THE BASTARD opens in New York, Los Angeles and digitally on July 24th, 2015, with expansion into several additional major markets beginning the following week!







Photos from the Frank the Bastard Facebook

Photos from the Frank the Bastard Facebook

  Photos from the Frank the Bastard Facebook



Still reeling from a rocky divorce and the recent death of her father, Clair Defina, a 33 year-old New York writer, needs a change. Her best friend, Isolda, suggests they drive up the coast of Maine to the remote northern region where Claire spent her early childhood. Clair and her father left when she was six, following the tragic death of her mother in a fire, and she hasn’t returned since.

Arriving in the quaint but dilapidated seaside town of Edgeport, Clair meets an eclectic group of locals, many of whom once lived on a nearby commune with her parents in the 1970’s. She’s surprised when they tell her she has family her father never told her about, a 90 year old great Aunt Dora living out on a farm at the edge of town with her daughter Alice.

Over the next 48 hours, Clair must deal with an increasingly dangerous present while delving into the murky past. As she comes face to face with the toxic legacy that has been buried beneath the town– literally and figuratively–for decades, she also has a series of strange encounters with the enigmatic Frank Byron, Cyrus’ bastard son. But in Frank, Clair ultimately finds her only ally in what will become a battle to redeem the crimes of the past and protect their future.

Best Screenplay Brad Coley

Best Director Brad Coley
Best Cinematography David Daniels

Rachel Miner
Andy Comeau
Shamika Cotton
with William Sadler
and Chris Sarandon
Wendy Vanden Heuvel
Ellen Albertini Dow

Directed By
Brad Coley

Written By
Brad Coley

Screenplay By
Brad Coley