From Bullied to Bravery, ‘Something to SAY-The Stuttering Documentary’ Shows An Extraordinary Group of Young People Who Stutter


Many children in our society are bullied for one reason or another. Children who stutter are one of the very few who can avoid the attack by merely choosing to remain silent

Something to SAY: The Stuttering Documentary


Something To SAY is a feature length documentary that tells the extraordinary story of a group of young individuals ranging from age five to eighteen who stutter. We share their daily challenges in school, at home and in their community.



Something To SAY – The Stuttering Documentary from Ryan Gielen (Believe, LTD) on Vimeo.

Why Ryan Gielen is Making This Film…

“Last spring I was invited by my producer, Michael Alden, to follow Amanda Littleboy, a visiting mentor from England who stutters. She came to the United States to meet the young members of the Stuttering Association for the Young (SAY) who were preparing to perform at SAY’s annual fundraising gala at NYU’s Skirball Center.”

Ryan’s Hope Is…

“It’s really simple. I want to tell a great story, about young people overcoming adversity, about growing up, about self-doubt and ultimately about triumph.”

Read more about the campaign, Ryan’s story and watch the trailer here on Indiegogo!


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