True Emotional Stories Behind A Juvenile Crime Television Series by Curtis Ray

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Juvenile Justice 101: A Juvenile Crime Fiction Novel

Juvenile Justice 101 is a candid look into the world of juvenile crime: those that fight to steer kids back on track, and those that exploit them for material gain.

Julian Marcel doubles as a police officer and an auxiliary probation officer with the Department of Juvenile Justice in Colton, South Carolina. When a new probation kid, Calvin Thompson, is dragged unwillingly by his grandmother to Julian’s office, an onslaught of troubles arise. Calvin’s gang affiliation, and his desire to “move up” in the ranks make it difficult for him to adhere to the judge’s order of probation, which in turn creates major problems for Julian. While Julian is busy focusing on Calvin’s exploits, he neglects another probation kid–Dayne Larkins. Dayne, a spoiled rich kid, is upset about his best friend getting jumped by a band of young thugs, and has revenge on his mind. He intends to get “justice” for his friend, and he plans to make a bang in doing so.



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