On a Bright and Sunny Morning, A Man Finds Himself Face to Face with a Vengeful God – SERAPHIM by Kip Kubin and David Malus

Poster by Alex Asfour

SERAPHIM a short film about the end of the world. from Kip Kubin on Vimeo.



SERAPHIM is about a man who on a bright and sunny morning finds himself face to face with a vengeful God – Watch it FREE on Vimeo here.

My name is Kip Kubin and I’m the director of the short film SERAPHIM.   I believe that in everything you do you should  create an environment that encourages a rewarding outcome.  I feel that SERAPHIM is the first film I’ve directed that really encapsulates that idea.

A child of the 80’s finds himself in a dystopian future.  And today he’s face to face with a vengeful God…It’s shot entirely on film. Aaton XTR with Fuji64D stock shot in rural Tennessee.

“I decided to shoot the entire short on 800′ of Fuji stock to force careful preparation and execution of the film.  A secondary by-product was an immediate and visceral story of the judgement of a vengeful angel.” says director Kip Kubin.


(16mm screen grab from the film of David Malus)


The story is based on a dream that actor/writer David Malus shared with Kubin. “The dreams probably come from a life lived in fear of my falling away from the fire and brimstone faith I grew up with in northern Alabama. A constant fear of being caught in the act by an angry deity.”  It was immediate that the idea would be a perfect vehicle for Kubin’s next short film.


(16mm screen grab from the film)

(Cinematographer, Matt Satterfield behind the Aaton XTR
Super 16mm film camera loaded with Fuji 64D stock)


With my first film, Each Time Again I had a simple goal.  It was to finish it.  To prove that I could take an idea to script to screen in a timely manner.  I did that  and it was extremely successful with several official selections at film festivals and a theatrical world premiere in Beverly Hills CA.


Each Time Again is @KipKubin‘s first narrative film.  Previously he directed short films that marketed recording artists ranging from multi platinum acts to emerging artists.  He was nominated for a Dove award for gospel music video of the year and his work has been featured on network television as well as MTV, VH1, CMT, GAC and various online outlets.  Kip’s latest project is the short film SERAPHIM.