Filmmakers Don’t Make Excuses, They Make Movies

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Filmmakers Don’t Make Excuses, They Make Movies –

A Film Courage Filmmaking Series


How does a filmmaker carve out a life for themselves in 2018? How does a filmmaker raise money for their next project? Besides money, what other challenges do they face? What mistakes have they made that can be helpful lessons to others? This panel is going to deep dive into what life is really like for a filmmaker in 2018.
Please join us for this 2 hour speaker series (that will include audience Q&A) with filmmakers Christopher Ray, Andrew P. Jones, Royce Gorsuch, Orson Oblowitz, Brian Avenet-Bradley will open up about their film careers, sharing their stories and insights on what it takes to be a filmmaker in 2018.



00:00 – Most People Will Die With Their Hollywood Dream Still Inside Them by Bill Duke
05:02 – Day I Thought My Filmmaking Career Was Over by Joe Berlinger
08:11 – People Who Wait For A Filmmaking Career Will Never Have One by Thunder Levin
10:34 – Ultimate Filmmaking Motivation by Brian Jun
17:29 – I Bet All The Money I Have Most Of The Time by Kamal Haasan
17:59 – The Moment I Almost Gave Up On KILLING WINSTON JONES by Justin Trevor Winters
23:45 – Advice For Anyone Who Wants To Be A Filmmaker by Jay Duplass
25:34 – The Life Of An Independent Filmmaker by Zoe Cassavetes
28:06 – My First Two Feature Films Were Made After 3 Years Of “No’s” by Kyle Patrick Alvarez
30:40 – Not Having Money Wasn’t Going To Stop Us From Making Our Movie by Capella Brogden
31:59 – If I Don’t Make This Movie, No One Else Will by Patrick Shen
34:32 – What It Takes To Make A Living As A Filmmaker by Judy Chaikin


37:14 – I Wish I Had Quit On My Movie by Mike Hedge
40:31 – The Emotional Fortitude It Takes To Make It In Hollywood by A.J. Rickert-Epstein
43:56 – We Lost Financing On Our Movie 48 Hours Before Production by Justin Trevor Winters
46:27 – I’ve Made 25 Feature Films, Yet 1% Of My Time Is Spent Actually Making Movies by Rafal Zielinski
48:00 – If I Took No For An Answer, I’d Never Get A Film Made by Gary W. Goldstein
51:23 – From A Hit TV Show To No Acting Work For Two Years by Bill Duke


54:06 – The Only Way I Could’ve Changed My Creative Career Was To Change My Life by Alexis Kirke
59:13 – You’ll Never Be A Writer by Michael Hauge
1:01:15 – Advice To Film School Graduates by Spike Lee
1:02:42 – The Next Generation Of Filmmakers Will Fail In Public by Elle Schneider & Lily Cade
1:07:43 – Best Advice For A Filmmaker Preparing To Make Their First Feature Film by Patrick Creadon
1:16:38 – Be A Film Director Or Go Broke by Ted Kotcheff
1:20:29 – The Moment My Filmmaking Dream Became A Reality by Jay Duplass
1:22:34 – 4 Things Filmmakers Should Know Before They Make Their Movie by Jon Reiss
1:25:53 – The Moment I Was Able To Leave My Day Job To Be A Full-Time Filmmaker by Hunter Weeks


1:33:50 – No One Can Make A Viral Video by Joe Wilson
1:38:28 – A Gipper Speech For Filmmakers by Paul Osborne







Watch Surviving Skokie on Vimeo here

SURVIVING SKOKIE: They survived the horrors of the Holocaust and came to America to put the past behind. For decades they kept their awful memories secret, even from their children. But their silence ended when a band of neo-Nazi thugs threatened to march in their quiet village of Skokie, Illinois “because that is where the Jews are.”

Surviving Skokie is an intensely personal documentary by former Skokie resident Eli Adler about the provocative events of the 1970s, their aftermath, his family’s horrific experience of the Shoah, and a journey with his father to confront long-suppressed memories.




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THE WEEKEND SAILOR is a new feature documentary about the unexpected victory of the Mexican yacht Sayula II in the first crewed sailing race around the world in 1974. The most demanding sailing quest in history.

Sailor, Ramon Carlín visits his rebellious son, Enrique in the United Kingdom and comes across a magazine advertising a sailing race around the world. Although he had been sailing casually for two years, Ramon embarks on this race and brings his son along as an opportunity to not only teach him discipline but real life experiences as well.




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Catch 22: based on the unwritten story by seanie sugrue: With Hurricane Sandy looming on the horizon, five hard-lived friends come to from a send-off celebration alongside an unexplained dead girl. What are friends for?






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