I Didn’t Think About Making A Feature Film, I Just Made It by Benjamin Walter of PINK ZONE

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The year, 2026. The place, Los Angeles. Women are on the verge of extinction. A deadly kissing virus, carried by men and transmitted to women only, wiped out 80% of the female population on the earth. As a “safety”, the government decided to place all the remaining girls into areas supposed to protect them, called “Pink Zones.”

Emily is one of them. But she is allowed to live with her overprotective dad in a secured house. Her father, known by all the girls as “Dad”, is a legend. He created the “Pink Zone” project and rules over the camp as he rules over his daughter. Today Emily is 17 and, as always, she’s being bullied by her female classmates. But when a group of juvenile delinquents coming from outside the “Pink Zone” decides to cross the border to get Emily, everything is about to change…




Dances With Films (World Premiere)

Indie Fest Award (Best Feature Film and Best Director)

Action On Film International Film Festival (L.A. Premiere)

Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival (International Premiere)


Jayna Sweet, Julian Brand, Matt Cooper, Stell Bahrami, Tiago Felizardo, David Jurbala Jr, Violet Leona Paley, Tara Leahy, Cynthia Pinot, Courtney Welbon, Meaghann Cobb, Duncan Barrett Brown, Joseph Ahernd, Audrey Ellis Fox, Joe Salling.

Directed By

Benjamin Walter

Written By

Benjamin Walter

Screenplay By

Benjamin Walter

Produced By

Benjamin Walter & Todd Bartoo