One Person Can Make The Difference In An Acting Career by Bill Duke

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00:00 – Why Most Actors Fail In Hollywood
01:28 – A Two Minute Acting Lesson
03:14 – Hollywood Is A Pimp N’ Ho Game
07:15 – Women Have It Much Harder In Hollywood Than Men
09:54 – A New Way To Break Into Hollywood

14:25 – Most People Will Die With Their Hollywood Dream Still Inside Them

20:58 – Hollywood Life: From A Hit TV Show To No Acting Work For Two Years
25:24 – Future Independent Filmmakers Will Make More Than Movies
26:47 – Why Is Being A Filmmaker Not Enough?
29:57 – Through Pain And Passion, A Movie Will Find A Way To Be Made
34:22 – One Person Can Make The Difference In An Acting Career
37:33 – What I Teach My Students About Hollywood
40:31 – Two Types Of Interns At Film Production Companies
41:58 – Hollywood Is A Business Of Rejection & Everyone Needs A Strategy

46:44 – A Studio Executive’s P.O.V. Of An Acting Audition
48:54 – A Hollywood Story That Defies The Odds
51:27 – Bill Duke’s Near Death Experience In A 1984 Plane Crash
54:09 – Energy And Focus
56:11 – Motivation For Young Actors