Creative District Announces #CDSummerShorts July Grant Winners

This week, Creative District the online professional network for filmmakers announced the latest recipients of its monthly $5,000 grant program.  Since launching back in March, Creative District has made it a priority to support the filmmaking community by providing them with the necessary resources they need to connect collaborate and create more projects.  This includes sponsoring a monthly grant program where they select one independent project and award it $5,000 to be put towards the completion of the film.

This month, instead of picking one filmmaker to win a $5,000 grant, Creative District decided to switch things up a bit and issued a challenge to their community of over 11,000 active users to submit their best film shorts for a chance to win $2,500 as part of their new “Summer Shorts” initiative!

After receiving a multitude of short film submissions, Creative District announced filmmakers Christine Yuan (Diyu) and Lisa Ford (The Wish Horse) as this month’s recipients.

Diyu is a story about 17-year-old Li Xia who is stuck in purgatory or what the Chinese call Diyu, translated literally as “earth prison.” With her boyfriend Wang Jie, Li Xia tirelessly searches for liberation in an attempt to free her soul as she witnesses people around her transcend naturally.


The Wish Horse is a short film about Russell, 14, who is struggling to take care of his 6 year-old sister, Kitty, after their mother abandons them. When a foal is born on a neighboring farm, Kitty believes the foal is magical and can grant wishes.

Both films are currently in the early stages of production and the grant winnings will be put towards the completion of each film.

Deemed as the “LinkedIn, but tailored to creatives.” by Indiewire, Creative District is a new digital venture that provides a dynamic platform for filmmakers and other creative professionals to display their portfolio of work, find the best collaborators to help complete their projects, attract more work and expand their network of talent.  Since its debut, the platform has handed out 6 grants to a variety of independent projects and continues to support those who seek to connect, collaborate and create more.

To find out more about Creative District and it’s monthly grant program visit