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FC:  Tell us about life growing up?  Were your parents artists?

RB:  My parents and my brother are all professional people, as are the rest of my extended family. I am the lone artist.

My father is a very good writer.  I know that I got my talent and writing style from him. He used to proof read papers that I would write in grade school and high school and I learned the art of the written word from his guidance, comments and suggestions.

FC:  How did life in Indiana contrast to living in LA?

RB: I love LA!

FC:  What was your college major and plans upon graduation?  How does your current life measure up to those plans?

RB:  I majored in theater and got my B.A. at the University of Southern California. My plans, upon graduation, were to write, produce, direct and star in my own films.

FC:  Have you ever been tempted to move home? 

RB:  I’m in Los Angeles. I’ve had some dark moments where I thought about packing it up and going home.  It never happened.

FC:  What prompted you to write the story of a mother and daughter in NOWHERELAND?  

RB:  I wanted to expose the unhealthy and destructive relationship that existed between a mother and her daughter and the consequences of that relationship.



 FC:  Where were you when the idea sparked? Did you tell others about the story idea?

RB:  My ideas are from my life, my dreams and my realities.

FC:  We love your campaign video on Kickstarter for NOWHERELAND.  Can you tell us what went into this emotionally moving video?

RB:  Thank you. We shot on the Canon 5D. An incredible amount of work went into producing the trailer. From writing the original trailer script, to casting, to securing locations and equipment, setting the schedule… etc. We shot the entire piece in two and half days all around Los Angeles, with essentially a 4 man crew. Our Director of Photography Ian Campbell, a make-up artist, production assistant and me.

I appreciate that you mentioned the trailer is emotionally moving. There were moments during the shooting when our lead actress, Jessica Taylor Haid’s performance was so powerful that I had to step away. The audience is only seeing a small portion of her performance. The film is an emotional rollercoaster of immense proportion for the feature length film.

FC:  How did you cast your actors?

RB: We held a traditional casting session at CAZT Studios in Hollywood.

FC:  What was crucial for casting these characters?  

RB:  I was looking for the real deal. Because of the nature of the material I felt it was very important to cast actors that were authentic and naturally great performers.

I was looking for actors who were living in the moment, who were raw and not polished. I found them.

FC:  When you saw each one read, how did you know they were right for the part?

RB:  I know immediately whether the person is right for a role when they walk through the door. Then it’s all about their performance.

FC:  It appears that a few of your main actors will be showcasing their talent in NOWHERELAND.  Where did you discover them?  Will this be their first major role?

RB:  I found all of the actors through the regular channels of casting. Out of thousands of submissions we are thrilled with the cast of NOWHERELAND.

FC:  You have plans to hire a publicist if you make your Kickstarter goal for NOWHERELAND – Why is this crucial for getting the word out?

RB:  It’s always important to get the word out there and have your project seen. We will bring a publicist on board once the film goes into production to make sure the movie gains worldwide attention.

FC:  Are you partnering or consulting with any non-profits regarding NOWHERELAND?

RB:  Not yet. We would like to.

FC:  Why did you sell all of your valuables on Ebay to prepare for NOWHERELAND?  

RB:  I needed the money! Filmmaking is expensive.

FC:  What was the deciding moment (to sell your belongings), what did you sell, how long did it take to sell everything?

RB:  I knew that I wanted to produce NOWHERELAND independently because I wanted to direct the film. I also knew that if I were to take the project to an outside production company I would have ultimately been pushed out.

In order to raise the financing needed to produce a movie like NOWHERELAND I was going to need a certain amount of capital to put together a promotional video.

From there, I ultimately launched the Kickstarter campaign.

FC:  When writing a character who appears troubled, what qualities do you add for the audience to feel empathic toward them?

RB:  I write emotions that we all feel. Sadness, joy, passion, regret, fear and anxiety are just a few of the many emotions that I employ to allow the audience and the character to connect and share the experience together.

FC:  Have you ever personally known anyone in a situation similar to NOWHERELAND who made it out?  What happened?

RB:  I have known people in the situation presented in NOWHERELAND but none that made it out.


FC:  If you knew a young woman in a situation similar to NOWHERELAND, what advice would you give her?

RB:  If I knew a young woman in a situation similar to NOWHERELAND I would contact the authorities and do what I could to help her get out of that situation.  Be there to listen. Be a friend.

FC:  What recent situation taught you a powerful lesson about the entertainment industry?

RB:  It’s really more than a recent situation. It is a culmination of many experiences over time.

Don’t wait for things to happen. Make them happen. That’s the lesson. Go out there and do it for yourself.  Otherwise you will be waiting for a long, long time.

FC:  What is most helpful in terms of entertainment networking? What is a huge time waster?

RB:  Networking with influential people in the entertainment industry takes many years of knocking on doors and sometimes just being in the right place at the right time.

My most important contacts are the same people that were with me from day one. Other dreamers who have worked hard and who have also struggled to get careers going for themselves. We have all grown through the process and there is a great sense of camaraderie and trust.

Never give up.

FC:  What advice are you giving your lead actors on self-promotion for their acting careers?

RB:  I have advised them to continue staying very active on social media.

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are doing a great job promoting the lead actors, their individual careers and NOWHERELAND.

Check out the stars of NOWHERELAND on Twitter:


FC:  In your bio it says you are skilled at handling firearms?  What can you advise others on firearm safety on set?

RB:  Always hire a licensed weapons specialist to handle firearms on the set.


NOWHERELAND explores the world of prostitution in a raw portrayal of a young girl trapped within the societal tragedy of sexual abuse.
Born into the seedy, underground world of prostitution, 15-year-old Shara has known no other life. Her mother is a career escort, who’s now looking to Shara to make the kind of money she used to make in her youth. However, Shara’s mother’s plans for her daughter are interrupted when Shara meets and falls for a drug addicted, street hustler, Jamie. Dreams of changing their lives and running off into the sunset together take a harrowing turn for Shara and Jamie as the two learn that escaping their past isn’t as easy as it seems.

Nowhereland is a character study. Low concept in it’s nature, this film explores the social, cultural and economic plights of ordinary people as they struggle to survive in an unforgiving world.

Written, directed and produced by award winning writer/director, Robin Bain, the controversial subject matter will be handled in a sensitive and thoughtful manner…..(read more here).



About Writer, Director and Producer Robin Bain:

Robin Bain wrote, directed and produced the multi-award winning feature film, GIRL LOST, which speaks on the harsh realities of underage prostitution in the United States. GIRL LOST is now available on Amazon Prime from Cinema Epoch.

Bain is currently in production as the writer and director of THE LAST EXORCIST, starring Danny Trejo, Rachele Brooke Smith and Terri Ivens. THE LAST EXORCIST is being produced by Thriller Films and is set for release in late 2018.



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