Leaving Home for a Better Life in the U.S. True Dream or Illusion? by @OndinaFrate’s @WorldIndepFilms


A ‘Staff Picks’ on Kickstarter, “Flags Cut in the Middle” is a story that speaks directly to immigrants and foreigners all over the world. It is related to the Romanian Revolution that took place in 1989, which impacted the country greatly. Twenty-three years later, the screenwriter and director Ondina Frate finds herself needing to share that story in “Flags Cut in the Middle” produced by World Independent Films.

The main protagonist, Natalia Georgescu leaves Romania after the revolution in search of a better life and immigrates to the United States. Her parents died in the Revolution so she is left alone with nothing to hold on to. What she finds is New York City is struggle.

“I wanted to write about every immigrant story who comes to the United States in search of the American dream. Exploring the idea of the American dream -half illusion, half dream – is very interesting to me,” says Ondina.


The script shows both a humanitarian side, as well as a political side. The humanitarian side is the lead character herself, Natalia Georgescu, through her actions. The political side illustrates that in 2014 people are still restricted by a visa and passport for travel and live in a different country than the one they were born in. We believe that we are free but we are not.


Natalia is not free. Her dream is to be free and live in a free country. The script shows the exploration of the idea of freedom and search for personal truth and validation in a specific political and economic environment.

“I never meant to write anything that could be seen as political, but I couldn’t help it. All I wanted to do is to tell a story because that’s what filmmakers do. We tell stories,”
concludes Ondina.




Originally from Romania, Ondina moved to New York to pursue a career in acting and filmmaking. She is the CEO and founder of World Independent Films, who aims to produce new independent movies from various international screenwriters and filmmakers. She studied at the American Film Institute in LA through the SAG Conservatory and is a graduate of Atlantic Acting School in NYC, where Ondina was offered a scholarship. She also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from Romania and a Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture and Design from Germany and Romania.
While in Los Angeles, Ondina took a short film lab workshop at the Sundance Institute, where she learned from the best filmmakers on how to direct and produce her own movie. Ondina worked in theatre and film in Romania (Studio Theatre), Germany (Theater im Depot), New York City (NBC, MTV, Discovery Channel, Dream America Pictures, Surla Films, Atlantic Theatre Stage 2, The Living Theatre, where she worked with Judith Malina, Drama League, Abingdon Theatre, LAPAC, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, she did voice over for Microsoft, SAP and Verizon, was named the face of Origins Cosmetics Mega Bright in 2012) and Los Angeles (Archway Productions, American Film Institute, Leonie Thoene Productions, played Anya in The Cherry Orchard directed by Peter Robinson). Ondina writes and produces new original screenplays. “Hell Fire” screened at New York International Film Festival in LA and won the Audience Choice Award, “Game Over” won at the Surgo International Film Festival, and was screened at the Manhattan Film Festival and Berlin Film Festival. “The Instant Messenger” had its premiere at Cinema Village in NYC. World Independent Films is currently producing “Flags Cut in the Middle,” written and directed by Ondina.