Happy 5th Birthday @Filmcourage!

Five years ago today, Film Courage began its Internet Radio podcast at the studio of LA Talk Radio, giving way to FilmCourage.com (October 10, 2010),  Film Courage Interactives (2010-2012) and subsequent video interviews on Youtube (Spring 2012).

What initially began as a fill-in spot for a fellow actor’s missed radio interview opportunity in 2009, blossomed into a collection of podcasts, articles and video interviews.  A look back at Film Courage’s first steps include out first podcast interview with Hollyshorts’ Film Festival Co-Founders (Theo Dumont/Daniel Sol), our first article on FilmCourage.com by Paradise Recovered’s Andie Redwine, our first Film Courage Interactive with Jake Barsha’s film EUGENE, and our first video interview with Filmmaker/Author Robert Munroe of ‘How Not to Make a Short Film.’

Although still small and evolving, Film Courage is proud to share its top articles and videos since our inception in 2009.

Hope you’ll stay tuned for more insights from fellow artists.




Top All-Time Article’s
(in order of hits):

1.  ‘The Newbie’s Guide to Social Networking for Creatives’ by Meg Pinsonneault

3. ‘The Courage to Make a Film’ by Janet van Eeden

4. ‘How to Lose Everything on Kickstarter and Still Raise a Production Budget’ by Joe Wilson

5. ‘Going Indie Takes Courage’ by Anne Lower

7. ‘
Sex is Funny (Until Your Distributor Screws You)’ by Travis Legge

8.  ‘
Ten Things They Don’t Teach You About Actors in Film School’ by Tennyson Stead

9. ‘Suburban Desolation: Filming a Post-Apocalyptic Thriller in the Abandoned Neighborhoods of Georgia’ by Andrew Robertson

10. ‘How To Survive a Crowdfunding Campaign: Help The @PostwomanMovie’s Last 2 Hours!’ by J.D. Walker

Honorable Mentions (in order of hits):

1.‘Advice for Filmmakers From a Filmmaker Who Shouldn’t Give Advice’ by Keith Miller

2. ‘Filming with Firearms’ by Dave Brown

3. What Directing Documentaries Taught Me About Adaptation, Drama and Truth’ by Amanda Lin Costa

4. ‘The Evolution of Film Independence’ by Ben Hicks

5. ‘Final Film Courage’ by Tony Zierra

6. ‘Married, With Cinema, A Couple Co-Direct ‘Of Two Minds’ by Lisa Klein and Doug Blush

7. ‘Making Your Film Matter: An Introduction to Social Action Campaigns’ by Patrick Shen

8. ‘How to Make a Movie on 5000 Dollars’ by Steve Moramarco

9. ‘Two Girls, One Camera’ by Carlye Rubin

10. ‘Bite Me’ by Michael Reaves


Top Ten Video Interviews (in order of hits):

  1. Kamal Haasan Talks About Vishwaroopam Being Banned (Project:Vishwaroopam)


5. Kamal Haasan Walks Red Carpet at Los Angeles Vishwaroopam Premiere

6.  I Think Arnel Pineda Can Win Over Steve Perry JOURNEY Fans by Capella Fahoome Brogden (Project: Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey)

(Watch the video interview here)


7.  TINY: A Story About Living Small by Merete Mueller & Christopher Smith (Project: TINY: A Story About Living Small)


(Watch the video interview here)

8.  Never Before Has A Tamil Film Been Booked In So Many Theaters by Kamal Haasan  (Project: Vishwaroopam)