Brian Jun’s Movie Reaches 100 Percent Funding on Indiegogo with a Day Left in the Crowdfunding Campaign



Indiegogo – new campaign!




Sundance Film Festival alum Brian Jun is preparing to bring his 5th feature back to the St. Louis metro area to film. The Indiegogo campaign for his film In The Buck hopes to exceed its projected $30,000 goal for a planned 2014 shoot. His newest film is a provocative story about sex, love, fertility and how the expectations of gender roles have shaped modern relationships. After personally backing projects on this platform for a couple years, Jun decided to bring his current project to Kickstarter to take advantage of the “freedom and financial resources it offered to make a truly original piece of work.”


Perks for this film give the general public a chance to be an insider throughout the entire filmmaking process: networking with the cast and filmmakers through set visits and one-on-one lunches/dinners, access to watch the movie (via download or Blu-ray), even invitations to the World and Midwest Premieres. Jun’s goal was to keep the perks meaningful, “Most of the higher-end perks are more personal and will allow for a true insider’s look into the filmmaking process.”