Screenwriting Demands 12 Hours A Day Minimum by Rafal Zielinski and Gina Wendkos



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TIGER WITHIN is a project sensitively written by Gina Wendkos (screenwriter of The Princess Diaries), to be directed by Rafal Zielinski (two-time Sundance alumni – Fun Special Jury Award and Ginger Ale Afternoon). It is the story between two people who have fallen between the gaps of our society, lost their family and face the challenge of forgiveness.

It is a story of compassion and redemption that touches themes that resonate with all troubled areas of the world, past, present & future. We hope, through the film, to touch hearts in a real, personal and unique way.





TIGER WITHIN Concept Artwork by Vally Mestroni

Rafal Zielinski has made a number of independent films that have been shown internationally on the festival circuit

Both films premiered in the Narrative Competition; (“Ginger Ale Afternoon” was written by Gina Wendkos, based on her play). “Fun” was awarded the Special Jury Award for Acting


Films written by Gina Wendkos





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ORIGIN: Three science students are on the verge of making a breakthrough in their research into biohacking and cell aging. When one of them is diagnosed with a terminal illness, they break moral boundaries and use their untested research on him, in an attempt to save his life.






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COLD NIGHTS HOT SALSA takes you inside the international dance world of Victor and Katia, aspiring young salsa dancers from Montreal, who seek to win a World Salsa Championship.

During their three-year quest Victor and Katia draw upon the talents of Eddie Torres, Tito & Tamara, Billy Fajardo, and Katie Marlow. Central figures in the salsa dance world, these mentors put their passion and professional dance skills before you and reveal what it takes to perform and compete at the highest level.

Victor and Katia’s story is a love story. It’s the story of their love to dance and of how being a couple enhances and also complicates their life together and dance ambitions.
After winning the Canadian Salsa Championship, we watch as they first compete in the 3rd World Salsa Championship. They return home to Montreal to work on taking their dance skills to a higher level. After months of preparation, including working with a number of key mentors, they put their dreams on the line and travel to Florida to compete in the 4th World Salsa Championship.

Along with Victor and Katia’s story, the film explores some of the social and historical roots of salsa, as told through Eddie Torres, Billy Fajardo, Tito Ortos, and Edson Vallon.

Experience the beauty and excitement of competitive dance, the compelling force of world leaders in salsa, and the romantic charm of two young dancers who want to make their mark on the Latin dance world.