ZALI- A Christian RomCom About Chasing Your Dreams and Fulfilling A God Given Purpose by Ian Agard




My name is Ian Agard and I’m the writer/director/producer of the upcoming feature length film, ZALI.  ZALI is a Christian romantic comedy feature film about chasing your dreams and fulfilling your God-given purpose.

Zali Nowakowski, an eighteen year old girl, has one goal: to get a record deal.Living with her strict Christian grandparents in Winnipeg, being the lead singer of a struggling indie rock band is the only joy Zali gets out of her otherwise boring teenage life. When she learns of a music showcase in Toronto with the winner awarded a record deal, she must rebel against her headstrong Grandpa and convinces her secret crush, Steven, to use his van and drive her band mates to Toronto.

The road trip is anything but smooth: they fight over changing the band’s name, the band’s drum kit and guitar amps get stolen, John (an alcoholic) the guitar player goes missing, Zali’s band mates form a mutiny against her and want to return back home.

To make matters worse, her Grandpa decides to hit the road and hunt her down. He will stop at nothing to make sure Zali attends Bible college and gives up her pie in the sky pop star dream.

“Zali” is a story that follows one girl’s journey of hope, passion and courage, to try to fulfill her God-given destiny.

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Ian Agard (Writer/Director of Zali):

Ian Agard spent three years at York University pursuing psychology yet, deep down, he knew that was not his career goal.  It was not until after watching Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon at the 2000 Toronto International Film festival that Agard was able to develop a strategic vision for his career plan.

“I knew there and then that I wanted to make movies for a living.” In 2004, Agard studied acting at HB studio in New York and landed a principal role in the Pulitzer Prize-winning musical, Fiorello, and a supporting part in the short film, The Diploma.

Back in Canada a year later, Agard appeared in a TV commercial for Fallsview Casino and a 1-800-got-junk commercial that aired on TBS networks and in two student films, Nothing to Die For and Arthur Moore and The Lone Wolf.

In 2009, Ian wrote, directed and produced his first feature film, Bend and Break, an intense drama that was released onto DVD across North America through Speed of Sound Entertainment.

Raised in Cambridge, ON before coming to Toronto to attend university, Agard founded Temple Entertainment Inc. last year, which is a Canadian film studio and entertainment company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.

Zali will be Ian’s fourth film – and second feature film.

Check out the trailer to Ian’s 2009 film “Bend & Break”