@Renzufilms ‘In Search of America: Inshallah’ – A Pakistani Housewife Finds Her Own Identity

A dependent Pakistani housewife comes to America to find her husband, but instead is forced to find her emancipation…(more here)


“Inspired by the words of Nelson Mandela and a personal story, my upcoming film, In Search of America, Inshallah, explores the meaning of freedom. The film’s protagonist, Shaheen Ilyas, is a young Pakistani woman who arrives in Los Angeles to search for her husband, Ali Ilyas. While Ali has been absent and living the American dream, Shaheen—bound by the rules set by her husband and his family—has remained a good and loyal wife, expected to uphold the obligations that come with traditional marriage. Yet Shaheen, an educated Muslim woman, can no longer stand the injustice.”



Bio for Danish Renzu (Director/Writer):

Born and raised in Kashmir, India, Los Angeles-based filmmaker Danish Renzu moved to the United States in 2005 by himself to pursue his higher education. After studying at Pasadena City College, he successfully transferred to his dream school, UCLA, in 2008. Renzu graduated from UCLA in 2010 with a BS in electrical engineering. Fond of filmmaking since childhood, he did not let this passion fade away. He took film classes at UCLA and studied screenwriting in the prestigious UCLA Writers’ Program for two years. He has worked on several screenplays and short films in the past, and is currently raising funds to complete production of In Search of America, Inshallah. Besides this film, he is working on a short film on Kashmir, Loving, Dying or Being Killed, and a few feature films titled The Winters of Kashmir and The Illegal.

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