The Pressures Of Being A 2nd Generation Filmmaker by Zoe Cassavetes

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Below is a description of the film in Zoe’s own words:

DAY OUT OF DAYS – THE MOVIE – Day Out of Days is about a once well known actress who struggles to maintain her sanity and dignity in the obstacle course known as Hollywood.

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Mia Clarke is an actress in Hollywood approaching 40. She’s had her moment in the spotlight and now struggles to get back to where she once was. In the cruelty of the Hollywood business, Mia is her own worst enemy. A strange and humiliating turn of events gives her the chance to come back. Will she stay under Hollywood’s controlling thumb or can she take a chance on herself and beat the odds her own way?

THERE AREN’T ENOUGH MOVIES ABOUT WOMEN! – I grew up watching amazing movies centered around beautiful, smart, manipulative, daring, funny women. The whole package. Where is the Bette Davis? The Jeanne Moreau? The Gena Rowlands 😉 of our times? I know they are out there, waiting for great roles! And I want to give them some.

Trust me, I’m not saying I don’t love a man-generated film, because I do. I just think there is a certain imbalance when it comes to female driven stories. But I don’t write movies thinking about that. I just think women are interesting and complicated creatures, and at least half of the world’s population… more here DAY OUT OF DAYS – THE MOVIE.