The Hollywood Celebrity Machine by Zoe Cassavetes

(Watch the video interview here)

00:00 – Why I’m Making A Movie About A 40-Year Old Hollywood Actress Struggling For Work
03:12 – The Reality Of Hollywood For Women Over 40
06:22 – The Life Of An Independent Filmmaker
08:55 – Screenwriting Gold For Any Screenwriter
11:02 – Every Young Actress Will One Day Be 40
13:26 – Why I Chose FundAnything Over Kickstarter
22:11 – The Hollywood Celebrity Machine
25:40 – A Real Story: DAY OUT OF DAYS
30:19 – Raising Money For A Movie
34:54 – The Pressures Of Being A 2nd Generation Filmmaker
39:09 – Women Are More Powerful In The World Today
42:44 – It’s Easy To Settle For Mediocrity

Blogger/Filmmaker/Former Buddhist Monk Clarke Scott finds inspiration from the @FilmCourage video interview with Zoe Cassavetes for his latest blog post ‘Every Young Person Will Be 40 One Day.’

“The older I’ve become the more aware I’ve become of the degree to which the wisdom of experience is under-valued in our modern culture. Having lived with a traditional culture that values wisdom, I know this is a real shame because wisdom born of experience is hard won and has much to offer…..” (Read more here)