Jay Duplass On Filmmaking, Acting and Screenwriting – Full Interview

Watch the video interview on Youtube here


Jay Duplass & Linas Phillips in a film about brothers: one who’s devoted to his family, the other who’s obsessed with The Manson Family.

Watch the video interview here on Youtube


Join Us for a Strange Trip:

We invite you to help us make MANSON FAMILY VACATION, a story about two brothers who embark on a strange sightseeing tour of crime scenes, hideouts & jailhouses — all related to the notorious Manson Family. The film will explore the hero worship of Charles Manson, the roots of fanaticism & the importance of family.

The project is a collaboration between Jay Duplass (CYRUS; JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME), Linas Phillips (BASS ACKWARDS) & J. Davis (KEVIN; SOUNDTRACKER): three filmmakers who have experience making low-budget movies that play at top festivals around the world, in theaters and on Netflix….read more here.




Kevin Gant, World Guitar Poet and star of Jay Duplass’ documentary KEVIN joins us in the Film Courage studio to talk about his dream of making and sharing music and why he put the guitar down for 12 years, what led to his current rebirth, how the music game has changed and the impact Jay Duplass has had on him. Buy Kevin Gant’s music here, Connect with him on Twitter.