Choose to Be Happy by Carolfrances Likins

Carolfrances and musician/singer friend and neighbor, Paula Solomon



Carolfrances at a nearby Thai Restaurant in Koreatown

“I didn’t know I could be a writer until…..oh, all those books are written by people writing the story down.”


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‘Choose to be Happy’ by
Writer/Teacher/Activist Carolfrances Likins

Carolfrances at the LA Metro Station

Carolfrances at the computer “The typewriter is mightier than the sword.”

Writer/Activist/Teacher/Filmmaker Carolfrances Likins shares her life experience growing up in Sunland, CA.  While in the safety of the 1950’s Sunland suburbs, she learned to be a good patriot and never met anyone who had experienced oppression.  As time went on (in the 1960’s), Carolfrances attended a meeting for the United Farm Workers.  That one meeting was a turning point in her life and shifted how she viewed the world.

Carolfrances began informing people about Cesar Chavez and the working conditions of farm workers, leading her to teach in Compton, CA.  She was warned that people in the “inner city” would object to her being there and cause problems.  However, instead she found anything but this.  This experience led to her teaching for 25 years in Watts.

Retired from teaching, Carolfrances continues her passion for activism, screenwriting and the joy of children.

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The film features Carolfrances and musician/singer friend
and neighbor, Paula Solomon.

Carolfrances and Paula have collaborated on two of Carolfrances short screenplays into no-budget films, Within the City Limitless and Mother Earth Speaks.

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