Honeymoon with My Brother: When Your Fiancee Dumps You Before the Wedding and Flowers, Food and Guests Are Already En Route – Author Interview

“What do you do when your fiancée dumps you so close to the wedding that the flowers, food, and guests are already en-route?

“You should go ahead and have it,” counseled my brother Kurt. “Your friends will be there. The wine will be there. Why let everything go to waste?”

So I did. I had a full wedding weekend with a golf tournament on Friday, a rehearsal dinner on Saturday, and even a mock wedding ceremony on Sunday. Of the 150 invited guests, 75 turned up — my entire side of the aisle. They only thing missing was the bride.

I then decided to take Kurt on my pre-paid Costa Rican honeymoon. We canceled the champagne and roses, and promised not to carry each other over any thresholds. My head was a cyclone, as you can imagine. I was depressed, angry, confused, suspicious, and even a little bit relieved….” read more from Franz and Kurt Wisner via HoneyMoonWithMyBrother.com.




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Franz Wisner and Kurt Wisner are in the Film Courage studio to talk about their New York Times Best Seller “Honeymoon With My Brother.”





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