Kevin Gant (@gantman) of Jay Duplass’s KEVIN is an Actor!


That’s right.  Kevin Gant is playing the role of a street musician with a dark past in a new short film titled, James “The Butcher” Johnson.

After traveling the film festival circuit extensively in support of the award winning “Kevin,” Mr. Gant returned to Austin, Texas with a new respect for the power of film to tell stories, move people and change lives.

Kevin Gant on the set of the Butcher


“You know, I’ve always been a storyteller in a way but I’ve always told my stories through music,” said Kevin. “When I read this script, it sort of haunted me, I was like wow, what an amazing story. So, I jumped at a chance to act. I quickly found out about the dedication that is required to hone this skill. Even for a short film, there were hours and hours of rehearsals, shooting and re-shooting scenes, make-up, a lot of things that I wasn’t used to doing as a solo artist. I’m used to strapping on a guitar and doing my thing but in the end I can see how it paid off, all the little details that makes a story or character believable.”

Kevin Gant getting fired up as producer and DP Chris Van Loan II gets ready for the shot on the set of the Butcher


The film also features Kevin Gant‘s music, including new material that was recorded after his return to Austin.

“Music will always be my first love,” the musician turned actor continued, “but hey, look at what film has done for me. I was living in relative obscurity until “Kevin” and now I’m constantly getting offers to perform because the film is still thriving on Netflix. So, I hope that people check out ‘The Butcher’ and help me continue this amazing journey that I’ve been on since ‘Kevin’ was released in 2011. I’ve received really good feedback so far and there has even been talk about developing the film into a feature.”


Kevin Gant on the set of The Butcher


James “The Butcher” Johnson can currently be watched for free on Vimeo

James “the Butcher” Johnson – (Featuring Kevin Gant of “Kevin”) from Van Loan Productions on Vimeo.


Chris Van Loan, Sr. is a Philadelphia native who has lived and worked in Austin, Texas for over 20 years. He’s an eclectic individual who has jammed in Philadelphia garage bands with Jazzy Jeff, interviewed John Mayer before he became a household name and picked up the film bug when his son, Chris Van Loan II entered and graduated from the Radio Television and Film program at the University of Texas at Austin.

Chris acts and sings and is inspired to make movies because he feels that it’s one of the few professions where grownups are still allowed to believe in magic.

(Watch the video here)

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