Our Problems With Crowdfunding



We have an Indiegogo campaign.

I know what you’re thinking right now:

“Ugh, another one wants money…”

But the only thing, I want from you right now, is to read the whole article, in order to understand our current situation.

We are Richard Ley and Moritz Petratschek, two young German filmmakers, with a unique idea for a short film, but with a lack of financial support. And what does our generation do in this situation?

You start a crowdfunding campaign.

We are very annoyed by the constant spam you get from campaign owners. We can’t stand those annoying nonstop twitter-beggers too. This is why we wanted to keep the “annoying-level” of our campaign low.   We didn’t want to beg people until they finally come over to our site and pledge $1.00 to make us stop annoying them.  I want people to look over to the campaign because they were interested in it, not because the were told to 500 times.

But we’re really having a hard time with this concept. We’ve launched the campaign one week ago and didn’t even reach the ten percent mark. This is actually quite sad; because now, it seems to us you can’t do a successful campaign without constantly annoying people!

Please prove that this is wrong!

We chose to talk about the project on this site, because we have the hope to reach an interested audience will support us.

This project is very important for us, as we see a chance in it to improve our filmmaking skills and build an online audience.  Me and my friend put so much work in this campaign and we don’t want it to fail completely.

I am not going to ask you for money now.   I’m going to ask you to visit the page and view the video in order to understand what we’re doing. If you like it, please, please do definitely share it with your friends or your audience on Facebook or Twitter.  This is the only way to get our voice heard!  It’s only a little click for you, but it means very much for us and for our project. And eventually, if you really like the project please fund it.

(And know I’ve been a little bit annoying …sorry for that)

About the Project

Tiredness, indifference, discouragement – feelings that everyone of us knows only too well. We often feel invalidated: So we thought about how we could possibly help people that are stuck in such a never-ending loop. And with your help we will create an answer so powerful and stunning that it will inspire people to change their daily life controlled by work, school, etc. and countless other duties. We want to produce a video offering a motivation to the many people in situations just like that.

It will consist of a short story impressing the audience with its powerful visual language and the true enthusiasm of the actors. The trick is: We will show very special people doing the things they are most talented at and this will be our basis to create our motivating message.

We are convinced that we really can change something with our project and hope you are as much looking forward to seeing it at last on YouTube as we are. This short film truly means a lot to us, but we cannot do it without your support.

About us

We are Richard Ley and Moritz Petratschek, two 15 year old high-school filmmakers from Germany. We love filming as well as photographing and cannot imagine ever stopping it. We have almost finished our first major film project and it will appear online soon.

Why do we need your help?

We managed to make our first short film project, called “The List” with nearly no budget, but we want to constantly improve our skills and the quality of our productions. Technically we can only truly realize our vision with an improved lighting and camera gear. We would also like to stun the audience with fascinating sceneries, impressing surroundings and a bigger cast – all of these things unfortunately come at a certain cost. To have our voice heard around the web we also need to invest in some advertisements, so we can reach as many people as possible with our message.
Reasons why you should help us

We honestly believe that there are ideas that are worth being supported and deserve to be shown in front of a grand audience. We hope you will find our project to be one of those unique and extraordinary ideas and will support us sharing it with the people!


PASSION | PROGRESSION | PERFECTION from 5oclockteaproductions on Vimeo.


Moritz Petratschek is a passioned photographer, script-writer and movie maker with some hands-on experience at independent-filmmaking projects and webblogs. The 15-year old is currently visiting a German grammar-school and he will spend the next year in Spain to improve language skills and gathering different experiences.

Richard Ley is a young German talent in media production, with a passion for graphic design and photography, as well as web development and music production, but especially in video directing and producing. He is in the same school as Moritz and will graduate in 2016. He has worked on many projects and plans on studying media production or feature-film-directing.