Under 5 Hours To Help the Campaign – A Doc About Love, Loneliness And Cats


An intimate documentary about love, loneliness and cats.

How we communicate with, and through, our cats,
online and in our homes.




We are cat people, passionate about cats and documentary film: Michael (director), David (2nd camera), Kerri (social media), Odette (web), Derek (art).

This is a film about people who have cats, who work with cats, who rescue cats, who care for cats, who would benefit from having a cat, who once had a cat, who are about to adopt a cat. It is about love, loss, companionship: the intersection of human and non-human intelligence and consciousness.

We’re shooting this across the US and Canadian midwest and in our backyard, the Pacific NW.

It’s a road trip in search of cat stories, with specific stops along the way, including a visit to Burnell and Betsy to talk about their Nora, the Piano Cat; to spend some time with Mitch and Bethany and Oskar the Blind Cat; to attend and interview cat people at, and the curators of, the Walker Art Centre’s 2nd annual Internet Cat Video Festival at the Minnesota State Fair.

Do you have an interesting cat story? Is there someone you know who is doing something unique to help cats, such as Pierre, in Halifax, with the feral dockyard cats? Invite us to your town!

“Dogs have masters, cats have staff.” We know this to be true.  An intimate doc about love, loneliness & cats. How we communicate with, & through, our cats, online & in our homes.  A roadtrip into catland.


As a boy Michael enjoyed photography without film, using various found devices as “movie cameras.” He really hadn’t a clue that he was training his eye and his storytelling sensibility. Later, he made some short dramas, worked for over twenty years as a grip in Vancouver’s feature film industry (on some notable stinkers, including Cat Woman, ironically), then quit to return to university at fifty. For his MA thesis project in Liberal Studies he explored the geo-aesthetics of public art in Vancouver, making three short films and writing a paper, which he’ll be presenting at a conference this June in San Rafael (Dominican University). After obtaining his MA, he then took the fifty-plus hours of interviews and created Public Art Private Views, a series of 23 short films now in distribution across North America as a two-DVD set. Mein Kat is his new project, inspired by the waves of grief he experienced after he had to euthanize his 19-year-old cat, Radar, last Christmas. Mein Kat is an exploration of our relationships with cats, and a road trip to the 2nd Annual Internet Cat Video Festival.