Film and The Wonderful Game of Independent Distribution



When no one wants to distribute great indie productions.

Fortunately, the audience that today consumes cinema products has become a lot more critical and intelligent with the pass of the years. People is searching again for more interesting stories, looking the necessity of knowing they have invested –and not spent- when buying a ticket for entering into any kind of movie at cinema.

Photos from the shoot for HOUBA! On the Trail of the Marsupilami starring Jamel Debouzze

Until few decades ago, we could only watch on cinema productions that have the best commercial boom and, in a certain way, movies that production houses knew for sure will get much more money in a worldwide level.  There wasn’t any chance to expect we were going to be able to enjoy small –but really good- films at any time in a movie theatre, the highest objectives of this movies were about being showed at some small and hidden cinemas in big cities or at any festival of filmic creations. Obviously, in those years Movie Festivals were so far away of today’s importance they have got inside the industry, that’s because in those times festivals were taken just like little forums full of forbidden movies or not appropriate for general audiences.

Photos from the shoot for HOUBA! On the Trail of the Marsupilami starring Jamel Debouzze

Even when that situation was very present in that time, also today big production studios are the mostly present in our cinemas in present 2013. Maybe it’s time to us stop thinking this is going to change (at least, immediately) and better start to find other ways to promote our projects to the world.

Photos from the shoot for HOUBA! On the Trail of the Marsupilami starring Jamel Debouzze
When we decided we wanted to be filmmakers, we should have known this job means to work with lots of people, not only in the set or the editing room, but also people who is going to able to help us to promote our work in other places. A lot of filmmakers have found in social networks the perfect channel to publish their art to millions of people around the world. How much people are going to click the link and watch your film or shortcut? Well, that depends on you.
Photos from the shoot for HOUBA! On the Trail of the Marsupilami starring Jamel Debouzze


Why? We have to understand the project we made it’s only ours and no one else’s. Yeah, it’s quite simple, but if we really don’t get that point, we may never find a good way to make know ourselves to bigger audiences. Now, personally I find a great creative tool in YouTube, where we can be seen and heard, and also reviewed nicely or meanly, but reviewed at last. It took me time that if pop artists can get famous with this method, by just uploading videos showing their talent, for filmmakers this can’t be really different.
So, we have to find someone who finds us. Filmmaking is a beautiful game, and I think it would be very boring if young indie cinema minds wouldn’t have this kind of challenges everyday at the end of cutting their movie. The solution? There’s no such thing, because distribution is not a problem, it’s an opportunity we have to hunt every second, every day, anyway …forever


Pablo Cuevas is Mexican (by the moment) TV Assistant and conducer, shortcut and spots director.  Half time philosopher.  I’m 17 years old and the seventh art has marked lots of topics in my life, I consider it a way to express our ideas and present them to the world.

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