Purpose! Passion! Persistence!




“You don’t have to be great to start. Start to be great!”
–  Zig Ziglar


As we become more socially connected and interact with one another through the internet and the available social media sites we anticipate and have come to expect that same interaction with entertainment and the many forms in which it shows itself. On whatever level we choose to participate, we want to become a part of the experience where ever we happen to be, 24/7, whether it be movies, games, music, television, theater, on Facebook  or Youtube.

Having spent a professional lifetime in this industry, I have had the incredible good fortune to see it constantly evolve, from many different angles and vantage points. As a teenager I worked and acted in summer stock theaters, after graduating school I worked as a graphic artist designing trailers and on-air promotions for the studios and networks. In Los Angeles I worked my way through the studio system, rising through the ranks and branching out into marketing, development, production, distribution, sales, public relations, and fund raising.

Entertainment, in whatever form it happens to be is a multi-billion dollar, global industry which we ,as the artists who create or as consumers, literally devour and  subscribe to it on a daily basis whether it be movies, watching TV, renting DVD’s, playing games, going to live events, books, kindles, iPads, iPods, or our phones. Now we can do it anywhere because we  have the technology to do it. We have become so involved with and want the experience to be ongoing, go anywhere we go, and wherever we are, we have access to it at anytime.

In whatever way we choose to be involved, there is one primary dynamic any form of entertainment has in common– content. As audiences become more immersive, diverse and sophisticated, it is necessary, as artists in whatever our craft or talent happens to be, to create in new ways that are imaginative, insightful and allows the audience to experience and become a part of it like never before. Content is the connective tissue, the essential element we connect with or relate to. As many have said, “Content is King!”


As we talk about content in its broadest sense, as creative artists we can’t help but approach it on a personal level as well. For anyone who works or wants to work in this industry, the content, as expressed through our vision, our craft or what we do, is a very personal form of expression. It is an extension of who we are. We give ourselves over to something and however we express it, whether as an actor, singer, game developer, writer, composer, filmmaker, as artists we create and want to share it with the world in a way that ultimately has meaning and value. Take anyone of us, in any area of the industry who has been successful and I can guarantee they have been driven by three essential, guiding principles; 1: Purpose.  2: Passion. 3: Persistence. If there is anyone you admire, emulate or look up to as a role model, I’m sure you’ll find these elements were crucial in achieving their goals. They have an overriding need to be as good and as accomplished as they could be coupled with a desire for excellence – to constantly push the boundaries and elevate their craft.

Anyone in any area of the industry, at any point in time, who has reached that stage of success, without a doubt, possessed these three things. Purpose – a very deep-seeded need to do or accomplish something of meaning and value with their abilities and talents. Passion –the thing that constantly drives them, they totally love and embrace and must do. And Persistence – because no matter how many failures or setbacks they come up against, always found the ways and resources to accomplish what they set out to do. It becomes their mission. Without them the world wouldn’t have known a J. K. Rowling, Streisand, Mozart, Sondheim, Alvin Ailey, Alfred Hitchcock, Tennessee Williams, Steve Jobs, and a host of others.

For myself, as I progressed in my career, I very consciously became aware of these guiding principles. In the process I have been a participant as well as an eyewitness to the changes that have occurred as this industry constantly changed and redefined itself. It can appear daunting, but it really isn’t and that’s why I created aspects of entertainment.com at this stage of my life. As one who has lived it, became skilled at and succeeded in it, the high points as well as the low points, I felt an over-riding need to share my  knowledge, insights, and experiences with those who ultimately want to make this their life’s profession, in whatever aspect of this creatively rich industry it happens to be. These are truly amazing times and we can choose to express ourselves, in whatever form it happens to be, because the possibilities are practically infinite.

As my site evolved and grew, I felt the impulsion or need to extend it beyond the initial Aspects of Entertainment brand. So I decided to write a book and as it developed in my mind, it took on the form as a compilation of interviews, introducing speople of different professions, disciplines, and backgrounds. That’s how I came to the title, Perspectives on Entertainment, offering different viewpoints from those who have actively and passionately pursued careers in the industry to those in school or on the brink of just beginning. In this way, I can provide the reader with insights and practical information, on what others think, the path they have pursued, and at some point, hopefully, feel or develop a kinship with those who have come before you.

With each interview, I found there had to be a common denominator. That came about in the questions. They are similar but in some, I tailored or structured them to the particular individual based on what they do and their level of accomplishment or experience. In this way I could provide as many perspectives as possible, letting the reader decide what appeals or has the most meaning or importance. The final responses have not been altered or edited. They are presented in the book, intact, representing the thoughts, uniqueness, and perspectives of each person.

My purpose was not to cover all the bases or all the different aspects of this industry. Instead, it was to find the ones that have the broadest appeal while going into other areas that are not normally considered or generally known.  From acting, music, writing or directing to acquisitions, games, and new media and surprisingly, entertainment law. It is with the utmost respect and gratitude I have for those who gave so generously of their time, knowledge, and experience in the preparation as well as their participation in Perspectives on Entertainment. These are people, extremely talented in their chosen vocation, who derive great passion and excitement for what they do, and in that, have elevated the bar in their respective niches, encouraging others to find their own place and express their own voice and share it with the world.

Ron Greenfield
Durham, North Carolina
2013 Aspects of Entertainment LLC. All Rights Reserved.


Ron Greenfield has had an extensive and distinguished career in the entertainment and interactive industries.  He began his career in New York designing, marketing and producing trailers and promos for the major studios, networks, cable, and their affiliates. For his work he has received numerous Emmy and Clio award nominations.

As home entertainment began to gain popularity, Ron joined CBS/FOX in a senior creative capacity.  There he conceived and produced the campaigns for such films as Rocky II and III, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi as well as such classics as The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca

In Los Angeles Ron joined Republic Pictures (a Blockbuster owned company) as Senior Director of Creative Services.  During his tenure he originated the marketing and creative campaigns for the company’s indie and Hallmark Hall of Fame home entertainment releases. His duties expanded to include work on the popular series Beauty and The Beast as well as several television pilots, award-winning mini-series and reality programming

Joining Spelling Entertainment and working for the legendary Aaron Spelling as Vice President of  Marketing and Creative Services, his duties expanded  to include producing specialized programming for the company’s releases as well as grow the company’s presence at international film conventions and festivals. For his overall efforts he is the recipient of several awards for outstanding creativity in addition to serving as judge and being nominated for several Hollywood Key Art Awards.

From Spelling Ron became active in the console/online gaming industry. As its Chief Marketing Officer, the firm of Software Magic worked with many of the industry’s top  publishers,  developing game concepts and online projects, working in tandem with companies such as  Electronic Arts, Activision, Vivendi-Universal, Dreamworks Interactive, Lucas Arts, and Midway Games.

Following Software Magic, Ron began developing online projects, most notably with online networking and the development of social communities. Given their potential and phenomenal growth rate, he recently created the website AspectsofEntertainment.com. Having worked in so many areas of the entertainment industry, he sees it as a portal of information whereby he can provide useful information and tools for anyone, especially those individuals seeking careers in the industry.

He is a graduate of the High School of Music and Art in Manhattan, with a B.A. in Advertising and Design from Hunter College and course work completed towards a M.S. (Master of Science) in Communications from Pratt Institute.  He currently lives in Durham, North Carolina.

For more information please contact Ron at info@aspectsofentertainment.com.