Kalpana Pandit at LA Premiere OF Kamal Haasan’s VISHWAROOPAM Movie

Kalpana Pandit at Los Angeles Premiere of Kamal Haasan's VISHWAROOPAM Film Courage Beautiful Bollywood Actress

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#Vishwaroopam – Our recent video featuring #KamalHaasan has 1,800 shares on FB, hundreds of comments and has been featured on at least 4 major Indian TV outlets (as breaking news stories), NDTV, CNN (IBN), NTV News and ABP News TV.   Kamal is one of the world’s biggest stars fighting to release his movie and his government is banning it’s release.

Kamal Haasan’s VISHWAROOPAM is set to release on Jan 25th, 2013 in US and Canada.  For more information, please visit – Vishwaroopthefilm.com