Finnish Horror Short on The Eight Levels of Consciousness

Finnish Horror Short on The Eight Levels of Consciousness



Hello everyone and greetings from Finland!

My name is Miro Laiho and I’m the writer and director of the 30-minute psychological horror short film "8". It is a film about people, who have to physically relive their most horrible memories again in a cave that reflects human subconscious. When finished in September 2011, the film will be posted to the internet for everyone to see!


The film is based on the theory of eight levels of consciousness created by the LSD -psychologist Timothy Leary in the 1960’s and 70’s. "8" is a combination of Inception, David Lynch and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I’ve always been fascinated by psychology and the way human mind works. Most of us have a trauma we don’t want to remember, so we deny it, forget it, or alter the memory somehow. What happens if those defence mechanisms we take for granted start to fail?

I believe that we are all alike as human beings and deserve the same love and caring. Even though "8" is a horror film, its message is hopeful and humane: one should always help another person no matter what his mental illness or past deeds were. I don’t want to make films just for the gore or random scares. I want them to have characters you can relate to and plotlines that build drama.

"8" is a thesis work of four film students (director of photography, film editor, digital effects supervisor and myself) in Tampere School of Art and Media. It will be a business card for us to jump into the professional world as filmmakers. That is why it is a very important film for us and we want to use all of our knowledge and experience we’ve received during the years in film school. This is our one chance to show everyone what we’ve got. You can see everything we’ve done from the official website of "8".

The pre-production has been running over a year now. The script is done, the storyboard is finished, the actors have been cast, we’ve been having test shoots, green screen tests, location scouting and rehearsals. Only thing that has been a problem is financing our film. We’ve started a crowd funding campaign at Indie Gogo, where everyone can donate to the project via Paypal or credit card payment and receive different kinds of perks in return (name in the credits, DVD’s, soundtrack CD’s, posters and more, depending on the amount of donation…) I believe that the method is a new and an innovative way to create communal activity around the film. Merchandise products and other interesting possibilities (an access to a realtime behind the scenes – material sent from the shoot, a chance to get a small role in the film…) help to keep the project new and fresh for a longer period of time as well as people to dive deeper in the world of the film. Nowadays we need interaction and the feeling to be connected, and that’s what we’re aiming for with "8" as well.

As a token of my appreciation for any support, I’ve posted my three previous short films online!

The Reach (FIN: Loppuun palaneet) 2010
(made in 48 hours, was nominated for best cinematography and sound design / music in the Uneton 48 short film competition)

The Border Guard (FIN: Rajavartija) 2010

The Awakening (FIN: Herääminen) 2009

(my directorial debut, winner of best short film’s award in Iik! Horror Film Festival of 2009.)

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Miro Laiho is a director as well as a sound designer / composer (better known with his composer name Michael Law). He currently studies film in Tampere, Finland. His directorial debut film "The Awakening" won the best short film’s award in the Iik! Horror Film Festival of 2009. His third film, "The Reach" was nominated for best cinematography and sound / music in the Uneton 48 short film competition. He has composed music for over 30 short films, dozens of commercials, radio shows and television programs.

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