Finding Self-Worth Outside The Day Job by Tennyson Stead

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Quantum Theory is the story of two brilliant, snarky women of science who develop a prototype that gives them the power to change reality itself… until it’s snatched from under them by a defense contractor with virtually unlimited resources.  Stealing it back means winning a shell game of changing realities against a foe who does not lose. The future of our world depends upon their success!

Rather than build a story around the visual elements that usually define science-fiction today, the fun of Quantum Theory is grounded in the relationship between the main characters and in the electric, witty performances of the cast.  Our screenplay opens with a webcast from Dr. Chelsea Barrington and Dr. Gertrude “Roe” Monroe’s college years. Every week, they’d get in front of a webcam and take opposing positions on popular notions of science. This, of course, is the episode in which they talk about whether Quantum Theory means people can just make up reality as they go along.  What begins as something they do together for fun will open a door that will change their lives – and the world – forever.

Before that happens, however… Chelsea and Roe will get to the bottom of science and technology’s most pressing issues! Did NASA fake the moon landings? Can you make a police box fly through space and time? Can the right mathematical equation indeed predict the future, or does free will screw everything up? Only through the diligent research, the sharp debating skills, and the pouty footstomping of future Drs. Chelsea Barrington and Gertrude Monroe will answers be revealed!

This is where it all begins.

This is Quantum Theory: SASS x ACCELERATION!



Tennyson E. Stead is a writer, director, and producer of film and transmedia.  In his childhood, he spent all his time building cardboard spaceships and rescuing his sister in them. These days he does basically the same thing.

For any production to realize its full creative and financial potential, every creative element must reflect the overall goals of the project. Every great collaborative work was produced by a team of talented people, united by a common intent.

8 Sided Films
and the 8 Sided Forum represent our collective stewardship over the stories born from intent too multifaceted, specific, or unique for studio production, and our commitment to honoring that intent as the foundation for a more personal relationship with our audience.

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(Watch the video here)

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