When You Let It Go Is When It Comes Together by Ronna Prince


Official trailer for Sacred Journey of the Heart featuring Gregg Braden, Cynthia James, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Skip Thomas, Mar Manin Morrissey, Colin Tipping, Sarah McLean, Sunny Dawn Johnston, Uqualla and many more.

World Premiere: Friday, October 19, 2012 7PM
(Screening from October 19 to October 26)
Harkins Camelview 5, Scottsdale, AZ

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The transformation Ronna Prince experienced while producing the movie “Sacred Journey of the Heart” which features Colin Tipping, Radical Forgiveness and other Tipping Method processes, alongside Gregg Braden, Sarah McLean, Sunny Dawn Johnston and many more of today’s top spiritual teachers, as well as indigenous elders from around the world.

(Watch the video here)

Filmmaker Ronna Prince talks about Sacred Journey of the Heart.