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ON TOP is directed & edited by Traveste Films’ founder Jason Baustin.
Starring Nikki Estridge. (8 Minutes)

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Adriana is like every other businesswoman at the top of her game. She always strives to be the best and takes pleasure in what she contributes to the world. But when you work in the “oldest profession” on earth, you’re bound to make a few enemies.

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It is widely acknowledged that Disneyland is “the happiest place on earth,” but for Maryland-based filmmaker Jason Baustin, happiness can be found inside a movie theater. Childhood trips to the historic Fox Theatre in his hometown of Atlanta, GA inspired Jason’s lifelong love for the art of filmmaking.

To Disney’s credit, one of his fondest childhood memories involves feeling a jolt of terror during a screening of Beauty and the Beast as the Beast fought the wolves to protect Beauty. At the end he left the theatre happy that he got to experience the wide-range of emotions that comes from watching a truly captivating movie. It was then that he learned the true purpose of film: to entertain.

As a child Jason’s father was keen on chronicling his life on film. Everything from birthdays to vacations were recorded on his father’s home movie camera.

Sometimes if he was lucky his father would let him get behind the camera and shoot some footage by himself. Jason enjoyed watching the stories of his life unfold on film, but it wasn’t until college that he considered creating his own stories to tell.

During Jason’s sophomore year as an undeclared major at American University he flipped through a book that catalogued information about the university’s various departments. After years of exploring options, none of which he was passionate about, Jason finally came across a major that piqued his interest. He decided to become a film and media arts major, a path he did not know was possible to explore in college until that point. For the first time in his educational journey he had found his passion.

Jason’s passion for film eventually led him to Prague with American University’s Film and TV University (FAMU) International Film Program.  He welcomed the opportunity to work and collaborate with students from a variety of cultural backgrounds. He learned about the collaborative nature of film and how people with diverse experiences can work together to tell a universal story.

As a filmmaker Jason enjoys creating dramatic films that depict stories of personal conflict and turmoil. Through his films he likes to demonstrate that it is possible to learn and grow from negative experiences. While he still  believes that the purpose of filmmaking is to entertain he doesn’t believe that entertainment should lack meaning and depth.

Jason has produced, directed and edited numerous narratives, commercials and music videos throughout his 8 years in the entertainment business.
At the 2012 World Music and Independent Film Festival, Jason won Best Short Film Director for his recent movie “On Top.”

A perfectionist by nature, Jason is working on accepting that “Great” is just as good as “perfect.”

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Traveste Films is proud to announce the premiere of local independent filmmaker Jason Baustin’s latest release On Top, winner of the “Best Short Film Director” at the 2012 World Music & Independent Film Festival. On Top, an eight (8) minute short, is undoubtedly a drama worth viewing and follows Adriana, a businesswoman who takes pleasure in her contributions difference between Adriana and other striving businesswomen is that Adriana strives in the “oldest profession” on earth.

Through Baustin’s work, the audience is uniquely drawn into the drama of Adriana’s life.

As a filmmaker, Baustin creates films that often highlight the growth that comes from negative experiences as a result of personal conflict and turmoil. In addition, Baustin’s films have a strong sense of meaning and depth behind the storylines.

Baustin’s lifelong love for the art of filmmaking can be traced back to some of his fondest childhood memories tracing back to trips to the historic Fox Theater in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. From his early memories of watching Disney movies, to discovering the Film & Media Arts major at American University in his college days, Baustin finds his passion with film. As an advocate of local talent and a filmmaker loyal to the Washington, D.C. area, Baustin reminds us of the inspirational aspect that one finds within their craft of choice.

On Top is set to premiere on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 from 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. as a digital release via the Traveste Films website,

Following the film, from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., join us for a live Q&A via Twitter (@TravesteFilms #OnTopShort) with Director Jason Baustin.


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